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The Last Strand

Posted by Impia on April 26, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on September 22, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Mound of Red Seaweed (885,865) XP150 000 PAX13 330  BB1
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This is the defense mission for the Kingsmouth Lair, Duma Beach. You must complete this lair’s collection mission, Coralations, to unlock this mission. The [Red Sargassum Barrel] is not necessary for any part of this mission.

All monsters in this lair have extremely high Defense stats, and they heal a small amount whenever they are dealt a glancing blow. Consider bringing extra Hit Rating, or abilities that reduce the chance of glancing blows.

The Draug enemies also frequently give themselves defensive buffs, Barnacled and Coastal Ward. Consider purging these. Coastal Ward is only cast while they are standing in water.

All enemies in this lair are immune to hinders and impairs.

[Image: a bee accepts the quest "The Last Strand" at the Duma Beach lair terminal in Kingsmouth]

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Incipient Motherpod

As soon as you approach the Motherpod with this mission active, the mission will automatically begin.


Objective: Stop feeders from reaching the Motherpod

Although you want the Motherpod to die, you cannot directly harm it in any way; do not waste your time attacking the pod. It will gradually lose health over time. Meanwhile, various draug “Feeders” will spawn and attempt to run to the Motherpod and “Feed” it, which heals the Motherpod and releases poisonous gas. Other than feeding the Motherpod, these draug are simply renamed versions of the lair mobs.

[Image: a draug feeder runs to the Incipient Motherpod. Separate them. Kill it!]

[Image: A draug Feeder made it to the pod, which healed and released poisonous green gas]

If you like, you can place the [Red Sargassum Barrel] from the prerequisite mission, Coralations, to provide a small AoE, which may help you kill the feeders. However, this is not needed nor recommended: the barrel damages players as well as feeders. The barrel is consumed at the end of the mission if used at least once, and cannot be deleted from inventory normally, so placing one at the start, out of the way of the group, could be helpful for getting rid of it.

Hit every feeder you see to get aggro, before they reach the Motherpod, and they will turn to fight instead. Keep distracting and killing feeders, and before long the Motherpod will starve itself to death.


Mission accomplished.

This mission awards a choice of one Summoning Ritual Fragment. The options are any one of the nine fragments required to summon the lair boss Head of Glamr. These fragments are:

Gamma 09 – Phi 03 – Gamma 05

Alpha 03 – Xi 04 – Theta 09

Lambda 01 – Gamma 01 – Phi 07

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