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Another Bug Hunt

Posted by Nordavind on November 21, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on November 21, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Dead Soldier XP80 020 PAX6 670  BB1
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Note: This mission is found inside an instance only accessible during tier 5 of Ami Legend.


Tier 1

Collect dog tags

There is a total of 4 dog tags to collect. Each dog tag is found a dead soldier, starting with this one, on your way deeper into the cave. The bodies are not hidden, but can be seen quite easily while you are potholing. Interact with the bodies to collect the tags.


The second soldier is on the right before you reach the water.


The third soldier is on the left after going up a slope from the water.


The fourth is found at the cavern entrance. By this point Amis magick will have drawn the attention of the ak’ab, so either pick it up quickly now, do it between waves or wait until she is done.


Objective: Examine the report

It’s next to the fourth soldier. Interact with it to read it.


Tier 2

Objective: Go to the military camp at Blue Mountain

After exiting the cave in the Ami Legend-mission, head to the west towards the tunnel leading to Blue Mountain (BM).


While you barely will peek your nose into BM this time around, do remember that the mobs are meaner, hit harder and like to gang up on you in that region. BM is where The Secret World goes from hugging you to slapping you in the face.


Your objective is a short sprint along Solomon Road and then up to the right.


And I do mean sprint. This bridge with dead bus passengers scattered all over may look quiet, but when you start moving so to they. All of them. So, to paraphrase an old, wise man: RUN, YOU FOOL!




Objective: Return the dog tags to Sarge

This is Sarge. Give the dog tags to him and then do a /salute. Mission complete.


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