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Breakfast of Champignons

Posted by Nordavind on November 17, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on November 17, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Ami (150,875) XP226 750 PAX16 670  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Read the Tome of Mystic Mushrooms

The tome is on the desk next to the entrance. Interact with the tome  to read it.


Objective: Collect Black Corpse Rot

Objective: Collect Violet Fungi

Objective: Collect Ghost Caps

Objective: Collect Crimson Speckled Mushrooms

A bit of running around Savage Coast is needed to get the different mushrooms. The Black Corpse Rot is found on the remains of Hendersons farm, near the Atlantic Island park.


Black Corpse Rot looks like this. When you pick it it will immediately trigger area effect which gives you an affliction called “Mushroom Cloud”. This will hurt you. Run out of the effect, wait for it to dissipate and heal up before picking a new one. You need a total of 4 Black Corpse Rot.


The Violet Fungi is found there in ak’ab central.


Some of the Violet Fungi grows on the tree trunks, and some on the ground, often near the base of the tree trunk. Picking the Fungi will afflict you with “Sore Spore”. The affliction attracts ak’ab. You need a total of 5 Violet Fungi.


Ghost Caps grow around Sasqua Pond near John Wolf.


They look like this, and when you pick they they afflict you with “Mushroom Cloud”. The description says it’s toxic, but I could not see any adverse effect from it. You need a total of 3 Ghost Caps.


Crimson Speckled Mushrooms are found in Vinterskog Woods.


There are no effects from picking this.


Tier 2

Objective: Experiment with the ingredients to make an empowering tonic

You need to head back to Red’s Bait and Tackle.


On the side of the shop you’ll find a small table with the ingredients.


The tome you read at the beginning told you in which order to combine the mushrooms. Click on the canisters in the following order:

1 Crimson Speckled Mushrooms

2 Violet Fungi

3 Black Corpse Rot

4 Ghost Caps

And then click on the microwave and watch a small cut scene.


Tier 3

Objective: Destroy the Massive Pod before it’s gestation ends

This is a timed objective (5 minutes). And no, your screen settings are fine. It’s the “Mushroom Gathering” effect that has given the world such nice colours. Head to the pod located as show in in the cut scene (other side of the road from the shop). First take out the three lovely ladies in front of the pod, and then start attacking the pod.


You will keep getting interrupted by flocks of Deep One Threshers. Take them out before getting back to the pod. If you fail to destroy the pod within the five minutes given, the Hel-Blar Berserker will spawn. When the pod, or Hel-Blar, is destroyed, the mission is complete.


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