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Live Free, Die Hard

Posted by Vikestart on October 8, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on October 8, 2013
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Nassir (900,310) XP250 810 PAX12 500  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Get charges from a crate of explosives

There should be a crate of explosives next to Nassir. Click on it.

Objective: Examine the pumping station map

The location is marked on the map. It’s in a different tent in the same Marya camp.


Tier 2

Objective: Neutralise the first sentry point

Head north-east into the relatively narrow passage through the mountain. Beware the landmines!


Eventually, you’ll get to the first sentry point. You can choose to either kill the Spotter or click on the radio lying at the table to disable it. You can do that instead if you wish to avoid combat.


Objective: Neutralise the second sentry point

Go to the location marked on the map. The same situation applies here. Kill or sabotage.


Objective: Neutralise the third sentry point

Again, head to the location marked on the map and choose how you want to deal with the situation.


Tier 3

Objective: Go to the pumping station

Just jump down the cliffside. Be careful though as you might jump into a crowd of Atenists.

Objective: Set an explosive on the secondary pipe

You can choose in which order you want to place down the four explosives, but we went to the secondary pipe first. The location is under the stairs at (740,180).


Objective: Set an explosive on the garage

Go up the stairs and you will see the garage. It’s protected by two Atenists. Do not approach them directly if you aren’t very well geared. This is a sabotage mission and therefore you are not meant to engage in combat directly with the enemies. They are very strong.


You should attempt to sneak past them to behind the garage where you will be able to cut the power of the cameras that are watching the area in front of the garage. After that, go to the nearest forklift and trigger its alarm to make every Atenist in the vicinity run to the forklift to check on it.


Now you have an opportunity to place the explosive without danger.


Objective: Set an explosive on the primary pipe

Pretty straightforward. Just go to the location while you avoid enemies and click on the pipe.


Objective: Set an explosive on the flow regulator

You should be able to reach it without attracting trouble.


Objective: Set an explosive atop the facility

Climb up the ladder found on your left from where you placed the last explosive.


You will notice that lethal gas is behind dispatched up there, but time your movement accordingly and you should be fine. Place the explosive.


Tier 4

Objective: Stop the Inspector before he notices the charges

Quickly, jump off the roof and kill the Inspector. You are meant to engage this person so you should not have more trouble than usual killing him.


Objective: Cross the bridge to get to a safe distance

Cross the bridge between the pumping station and the Marya base. It’s marked on the map.


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