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Return of the Red Nights

Posted by Impia on October 16, 2016
Last updated by Vikestart on October 16, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Sacrificed Villager (540,1070) XP

333 340

PAX26 670  BB1
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This is the kill mission for the Scorched Desert Lair, The Summits.

Mobs in this lair have the buff Empowerment, which increases all damage they do by 50%. This effect cannot be purged, but when a mob is Impaired, it (and all other enemies in a small AoE around it) lose Empowerment for ten seconds. Consider bringing several impairs, such as Stunning Swirl and Helter Skelter, and a particularly strong healer. Note that interrupts that do not actually set Impaired – namely, Chaotic Pull and Whippersnapper – do NOT suppress Empowerment.

All mobs in this lair are immune to Hinders.

sd lair kill start

Tier 1

Kill Chosen Cultist

Kill Red Desert Locusts

Kill Frenzied Throng

Kill Red Desert Swarms

Chosen Cultists are robed men that patrol the lair accompanied by two small Red Desert Nymphs. They are easy to find patrolling near large groups of Frenzied Throngs in the northwest part of this lair, outside the temple. Kill two of them to complete this objective.

sd kill chosen

Red Desert Locusts refers to only the larger locusts, Red Desert Threshers and Red Desert Weakeners, and not the smaller swarms or nymphs. They are found in the temple in the far northwest part of the lair, or at the southern end of the molten scar. Both use Digestive Goop, spitting a few AoE patches randomly around them. Threshers use Batter, a strong stunning attack. Weakeners use Silent Sting, a longer silencing attack. These unique attacks are best interrupted. Kill four of them to complete this objective.

sd kill red desert locusts

Frenzied Throng are swarms of cultists, easily found worshiping around idols in the northwest part of the lair, outside the temple. Getting too close to these idols can unexpectedly pull groups from a distance. Kill forty of them to complete this objective.

sd kill throng idols

Red Desert Swarms refers to any of the smaller swarm-tier locusts in the lair. They are easily found in large numbers inside the temple in the far northwest part of the lair. They use Digestive Goop, spewing small green AoEs – be sure to watch your step when fighting them. Kill forty of them to complete this objective.

sd kill swarm

This mission awards a choice of one Summoning Ritual Fragment. The options are any one of the nine fragments required to summon the lair boss Eye of the Swarm. These fragments are:

Iota 02 – Beta 07 – Mu 05

Phi 09 – Alpha 09 – Tau 09

Lambda 06 – Beta 03 – Upsilon 03

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