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The High Cost of Dying

Posted by Vikestart on December 1, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on December 7, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Saïd (830,600) XP334 420 PAX16 670  BB4
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Tier 1

Objective: Find the ancient archive

Go to the location marked on the map and enter the archive. The path from Saïd to the entrace of the archive is marked on the minimap in the image below.


Objective: Examine the Altar of Learning

Proceed to the Altar in the centre of the room and interact with it.


Tier 2

Objective: Find an artifact fragment

Turn away from the Altar and go in the opposite direction of the entrance. You will encounter a sand golem guarding an artifact.


Objective: Claim the Earth artifact fragment

You will be attacked by a sand golem. Defeat it to remove the barrier engulfing the artifact fragment and pick it up.


Tier 3

Objective: Claim the Fire artifact fragment

Venture further towards the end of the hall and go down the stairs into a fiery room. In order to claim the Fire artifact fragment, you must kill the Corrupted Fire Guardian patrolling the room. Once its dead, the barrier will come down, enabling you to pick up the fragment.


Tier 4

Objective: Claim the Water artifact fragment

Exit the fiery room, go back up the stairs and go down the stairs to the right. You will end up in a room flooded with water. Again, kill the Guardian to remove the barrier and pick up the fragment to continue. Upon death, this particular Guardian will spawn smaller versions of itself that will attack you.


Tier 5

Objective: Claim the Air artifact fragment

That’s right; air, the last element. The stairs to this room is found on the opposite side of the large hallway. Defeat the Guardian and pick up the fragment. Stinky!


Tier 6

Objective: Place the fragments on the Altar of Learning

Go back upstairs and head back to the Altar. Interact with it and prepare for an assault with multiple waves of enemies.


Objective: Defend the Altar of Learning

Yup, defend. There will be several waves of enemies with an increasing difficulty.


Objective: Take the completed artifact

Turn around and pick up the completed artifact.

Objective: Charge the artifact at the sacrificial altar outside

Head outside the Archives and climb the Maryan altar on top of the arched rock. Interact with the altar to finish the mission.


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