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The Madness of Men

Posted by Vikestart on December 29, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Amparo Osorio (600,440) XP254 800 PAX12 500  BB4
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Tier 1

Objective: Investigate the rifts in the ground

Go to the location marked on the map. The fiery rift is visible from afar.

Objective: Thin the population of Pilgrims of Flame

Objective: Thin the population of Flame Spirits around the rifts

Pilgrims of Flame are fire-like cultists wielding a blade. Take down four of those.


The Flame Spirits are red wisps that float around the rifts, often in groups. Destroy 12 of those to continue.


Tier 2

Objective: Find the source of the meteors

Go to the location marked on the map, which is a small hellish valley.


Objective: Thin the population of lava golems

These golems are fairly easy to take down. Just evade their ground attacks and avoid standing in lava, and you should be fine. Take down 2 of these.


Tier 3

Objective: Investigate the portal

Go to the hellish portal. This will make a few Flame Spirit attack you before a Jinn comes through the portal.


Objective: Kill the Pyrotic Invader

Be sure to avoid his AoE ground attacks. Once he has been defeated, the mission will complete itself.


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