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The Cat God

Posted by Vikestart on October 29, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Portal (605,635) XP359 040 PAX15 000
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The entrance to the Cat God dungeon is at the site of the Wabanaki burial mound (605,635), directly north of the Quarry in The Blue Mountain.

The Cat God Dungeon

There’s three missions, The Cat God, which isn’t repeatable and is the normal storyline, you can complete it by doing either version; Return of the Cat God, which is the normal mode version, and awards a sack of penny dreadfuls, and Revenge of the Cat God, which is the nightmare version and awards a Spooky Cat Toy. The two replay missions are repeatable every 18 hours.

Nightmare mode also drops a 10.1 generic purple weapon and occasionally an Amethyst Mouser upon killing the boss; normal mode doesn’t have loot drops.

You can kill either mode without a mission, though there’s little point to doing normal mode without the mission.

Not far from the dungeon entrance, you can find the Altar of Irusan which you can use to toggle the dungeon between normal mode and nightmare mode. Default is normal mode.


Once you get to Irusan, the boss, you will first have to fight off the werewolf-like cats to make him vulnerable. There should be four of them.

When he becomes vulnerable, he will immediately cast a spell that traps you inside the Stonehenge, do not attempt to exit!


He has a basic cone attack that you should avoid.


After the cone attack, he will usually start spawning AoE circles at the feet of whomever has the aggro. Stay on the move to avoid these.


At several points of the fight, he will become invulnerable again and spawn monster-cats. You must take them down to continue the fight with Incognito. They do not come after you until you attack them, so you can take the time to heal yourself or your team, however, you will still be in combat. Keep going until Irusan is defated.

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