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The Echoing Doom of Solomon Island

Posted by Nordavind on December 19, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Vestige of Nameless Days XP398 940 PAX20 000
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The Vestige of New England is one of the three Vestiges of Nameless Days which roam the secret world every winter, echoing what happened in the one time 2012 winter event “End of Days”. The mission has no cool down.

Roaming Area

The Vestige of New England is found in Savage Coast. See map below for it’s approximate roaming area.




Well, it is a huge Ak’ab, and no Ak’ab is complete without a dash. However, due to the size of this creature, the dash is quite long and wide and should be kept away from the rest of the group.

It’s therefore recommended that all and any tanks (and aggro monkeys) find a fence, wall, car or tree, and tank the beast with their back towards this. Everyone should stand at the same spot.

The Precession

This is the attack that kills a lot of players. The boss starts to cast a AoE at his own feet, leaving a deadly red residue.

He will the start to cast this residue all over the field. There will not be a chalk outlie for this cast, rather a red reticle on the ground. If you are in an area where the attack is about to land, you will also be warned by a red exclamation mark over your head. Move out of this right away.


During the fight small (relative to the boss) adds will spawn.

Focus fire the adds down.
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