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The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern

Posted by Vomher on November 6, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Jack of the Lantern (260,125) XP299 210 PAX20 000
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Summoning Super Jack

In order to face Super Jack, he must be summoned.

To summon Jack, you first need a carved jack-o-lantern, which can be obtained during The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern mission for the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island.

Five people will have to gather at the ritual site (260,125) in the Wispwood with a different pumpkin each. If the pumpkin crafted isn’t the one you want, you can go back and carve a new one to replace it so long as you still have the mission.


Calling forth Jack of the Lantern, as he is actually called, is done differently than one would call up Stingy Jack. When re-reading Andy’s spooky story in the compiled storybook, there’s an odd addition visible on the summoning illustration.


Super Jack’s summoning ritual! Any pumpkin will NOT do. One of each carved pumpkin is required for the ritual. The drawing now more closely appears to distinguish each one.

Clockwise from Jack of the Lantern:

Evil Jack

Round Jack

Stretched Jack

Happy Jack

Sinister Jack in the middle.

All five Jacks must be collected and then placed in the ritual point as directed by the artist.

Sinister Jack is placed in the center with the other Jacks surrounding it in the proper placement. If the order isn’t correct then either a Stingy Jack will be summoned or your ritual will fail. If it fails, you may get more pumpkins from the Phantom Vendor.


Abilities and Mechanics

Pumpkin Fort

Jack has a permanent passive shield called Pumpkin Fort that makes him immune to knockbacks, roots, stuns, and weakening. It’s possible to apply weakens to him but they seem to have no effect.

Grasping Vines

Jack will occasionally cast Grasping Vines, which drags a player – typically DPS – close to the boss and hinders them. This also deals damage to the grasped player.

Springfingered Jack

Every so often, Jack casts Springfingered Jack, which causes all of Jack’s successful burst attacks to inflict an additional two hits. This lasts for ten seconds.

Last Laugh

Jack likes to get the Last Laugh. When he does, his target is impaired.

Hysterical Laughter

Periodically, Jack begins to channel Hysterical Laughter. This is a massive PBAoE with a circular orange visual. It damages anybody close to Jack. Move farther away to prevent death.


Hand Digging

Another channel by Jack, Hand Digging causes various orange AoE circles on the ground throughout his channel. Move out of them if at all possible, as they will cause massive damage and kill most in them.


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