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The Gilded Rage

Posted by Vomher on January 21, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on September 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Engaging Samsu Nasiru XP299 205 PAX20 000
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Samsu Nasiru is a golem spawned in all Adventure Zones during the Gilded Rage Event.

Samsu Nasiru Spawn Locations


Samsu Nasiru is summoned by the Gatekeeper in every Adventure Zone. The Gatekeeper begins to walk to its designated summoning point starting from the zone’s respective Agartha Entrance. There are multiple areas in each zone where Samsu Nasiru may appear.

Once the Gatekeeper has reached its destination, it calls forth Samsu Nasiru, which begins to wander from its origin point.



Kingsmouth – Meanders the barren mud golem infested stretch between the scrapyard and the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport (750,760), paths Poe’s Cove (405,195), or walking westward of Journey’s End (600,450).

Savage Coast – Patrols the Atlantic Island Park parking lot (345,635), the beach on the coast of Vinterskog Woods (60,550), or skulks the Innsmouth Academy lacrosse field (290,220).

Blue Mountain – In that rubble of the Abandoned Factory (630,310), found near the water under the Azeban Span (180,350), or above the Orochi Camp (720,930).

Scorched Desert – Behind Hotel Wahid in the pool (900,640). Alternatively wanders north of al-Merayah in the Scorched Flats, or stalks through Serket’s Domain (800,345).

City of the Sun God – Circles Vulture’s Pass, (405,765). Treks through Shi-Netjar west of the Black Pyramid (645,390), or clambers through Mamar El-Al-Hiram (745,865).

Besieged Farmlands – Haunts the Olaru Farm (955,925)(1175,820) or strolls through the scarecrows of Giant’s Table (750,1000).

Shadowy Forest – Found in the Filthy forest west of Mosul’s bridge, (455,575).

Carpathian Fangs – Wanders Raven’s Field and the adjacent areas (490,780) near the Pricoleşti anima well as well as closer to Pricoleşti itself (710,810).

Kaidan – Wanders a variety of locations. Southwest of Susanoo’s Diner (355,490), the merging roads north of Rum and Yuichi’s apartment (845,550), the area southeast of Zeroes Wild Pachinko (420,745), or at the Wall blocking the Housing Projects (730,405).

As soon as Samsu Nasiru is formed, a boss skull will appear on the map to pinpoint it.

The Gilded Rage mission is awarded to any who enter within its Boss Barrier.

Participate in the fight against Samsu Nasiru

This objective will remain active until the player deals a certain amount of damage to Samsu Nasiru. Failure to participate will result in the mission remaining incomplete and no rewards being offered.

Defeat Samsu Nasiru

Kill the golem. If one does not participate in much of the fight during this phase or fails to transition to the Defeat objective before Samsu Nasiru hits half health, a Gold rating for this mission may not be achieved. Instead, Silver or Bronze may be awarded.

Abilities and Mechanics

9000000 HP

Immune to CC

In its might, this golden Guardian of Gaia is Immune to Crowd Control.

Anima Leech

As a Guardian of Gaia, Samsu Nasiru is intimately intertwined with anima. As a result, it will try to take the anima from surrounding players through Anima Leech. Anima Leech surrounds Samsu Nasiru in a ring.

To avoid Anima Leech, either move close to the golem or move farther away.

Anima Leech causes a large amount of damage. The damage leeched is added to Samsu Nasiru’s health, healing it. The more people caught in Anima Leech, the more that the golem is healed.

Staying in the leech field will prolong the fight and aggravate the congregated players.



Samsu Nasiru slams the ground around it, causing any players near the golem to be thrown into the air and damaged slightly. Affected players have Upheaval, and are knocked out for twelve seconds starting as soon as players are flung high in the sky. Anybody with Upheaval is incapacitated for those twelve seconds.

To avoid Upheaval, move away from Samsu Nasiru when it begins its cast.

Sleight of Hand or Silver Streak can be used to avoid being thrown by Samsu Nasiru during Upheaval if used before the cast completes. Otherwise, using Sleight of Hand after Upheaval is cast remove Upheaval and get you back on your feet.

The passive elite Contortionist will also remove the Upheaval effect every 25 seconds.


Defeat Rewards

Depending on the participation rating, The Gilded Rage awards both the Genizah of the Solar Metal and a Gambler’s Marker or just the Genizah of the Solar Metal.

The achievement Some Assembly Required can be completed by collecting and assembling all pieces of the Solar Metal from the Genizah of the Solar Metal.

Gold Reward

Defeating Samsu Nasiru with a Gold Rating rewards a Genizah of the Solar Metal and Gambler’s Marker.


Genizah of the Solar Metal

  • Third Core Capacitor
  • Supernal Diode
  • Astral Fuse
  • Criterion Upgrade
  • 5 Golden Flare Gun
  • Head of the Solar Metal
  • Torso of the Solar Metal
  • Right Arm of the Solar Metal
  • Left Arm of the Solar Metal
  • Right Leg of the Solar Metal
  • Left Leg of the Solar Metal
  • Solar Shard
  • Signet Reward Bag
  • Lunar Shard
  • Signet Reward Bag
  • Shem of the Lunar Metal
  • 2 Signet Reward Bag
  • Black Bullion
  • Bow tie choker, gold
  • Fiery eyes, gold
  • Skull headphones, gold

Silver Reward

A Silver participation rating will reward only the Genizah of the Solar Metal and lesser XP.

Bronze Reward

A Bronze participation rating will reward only the Genizah of the Solar Metal and lesser XP.

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