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The Patchwork Horror

Posted by Vikestart on July 9, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Defeating The Patchwork Horror XP398 940 PAX20 000
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The Patchwork Horror is the main boss in the Anomalies of the Filth Event, which accompanies the Guardians of Gaia event in The Secret World’s second anniversary.

Spawn locations

The Patchwork Horror can spawn in several different locations in Kaidan, and at some of the locations it will patroll the area. Refer to the map below if you are looking for it.


The AEGIS Shields

One unique aspect about this anniversary golem is that it has AEGIS shields which you need to overcome before you can drain it of its regular health.

The Patchwork Horror has all three AEGIS shield types and while they act slightly different than that of shields on normal mobs, such as having longer renewal cooldowns, they still require that you wield the corresponding AEGIS controller to be able to damage it.

The cybernetic shield will renew automatically 2 minutes after having been drained. This process cannot be stopped.

The psychic shield will be renewed in around 2 minutes after it has been destroyed. In order to do this, The Patchwork Horror must cast the Psychic Renewal ability, however, you cannot interrupt this ability and as such the renewal process is inevitable.

The demonic shield, which is the last shield, will never be renewed once it has been destroyed, however, it will take some time to destroy this shield due to the renewal processes of the other two shields.

Abilities and mechanics

Media Explosion

The Patchwork Horror will occasionally cast an ability called Media Explosion, which is a channeled ability that places a lot of AoE circles on the ground over time. Make sure to avoid them or you will take damage and be stunned for a few seconds.

The Patchwork Horror is not tankable when casting the Media Explosion ability as it will stand in one place when doing this.


The Tube Also Stares Into You

At several points during the fight, The Patchwork Horror will give itself a buff called The Tube Also Stares Into You. It will also become immune to hate modification during this period. While the buff is active, you will receive a debuff with the same name every second if your character faces the golem. The only way to avoid this is to have your character NOT face The Patchwork Horror. Watch out for green flashes which signalises this buff.

The Patchwork Horror is hard, if not possible, to tank during this phase as it is immune to hate modification. If you have aggro as a tank, try not to run around too much, try to make it face in the same direction all the time so life gets easier for the DPS.


Ad Nauseum Overload

When the previously mentioned buff expires, the boss will cast Ad Nauseum Overload which will cause a fixed amount of damage to anyone that has any stacks of the debuff. You will also be stunned for an amount of time that scales with the amount of stacks.

Sleight of Hand does not prevent you from being stunned by this ability and you cannot line of sight it either, as per the hotfix from July 9th.


Kill Rewards

Once you defeat The Patchwork Horror, you will be given this mission and it will award you a purple reward bag with the same name. Upon using that bag, it may award you a pet based on The Patchwork Horror, clothing or other general rewards. It will also award you one of five possible SD cards which again awards certain lore pieces.

For a comprehensive list of possible rewards and images of the pet and the various clothing pieces, please refer to the Consolidated Anniversary Guide.
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