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The Seven Silences

Posted by Vomher on October 28, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
London Tabula Rasa Entrance (150,330) XP

1 795 220

PAX35 000
More Less Jump to:


Please note that access to Kaidan (Tokyo) is required to view and pick up this mission!

Tier 1

Objective: Go to Tabula Rasa

Enter the esteemed establishment right in front of you.


Objective: Talk to the Council of Venice agent

Head inside the Tabula Rasa and approach the Venetian in the plague mask.

Council of Venice Agent says: I didn’t know you were coming. To be honest, there isn’t much to see. The body has been taken away and we’re wrapping up our investigation. We’ll be making a report to all concerned parties within the week. We found a Dream Journal, but almost all of the pages are cut out. I guess whoever it was just wanted to be left alone. The journal is in Room Primus if you think there is anything more to see. Good luck.


Objective: Read the dream journal in Room Primus

Purchase an Access Key – Primus from the Concierge at the desk and then use it on the ominous floating cube in the middle of the Tabula Rasa.


The dream journal is sitting haphazardly on the nightstand. Why not take a look?


Below is an image of the journal.


Tier 2

Objective: Sleep in Room Primus

/sleep on that dirty bed. You know you want to.


Objective: Explore the dream

The strange dream barely seems more than a broken branch of Agartha.

There isn’t anywhere else to go but down.

Have some faith and make the leap down the branch.


Objective: Explore the ocean

Swim around in the horrifying abyss of the liquid dream and head toward the light. There are periodic shades moving toward it in the darkness.

The light is directly behind you from where you fall.

In this dream, I am falling. I wonder to myself, is this death? Is this how everything ends? I think this is what I want. But then the ocean comes rushing up to meet me.


Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

The Fragment shines like a beacon. Pick up the strange pulsating orb.


Objective: Read the second page

Pick up the journal again for another harrowing adventure into a depressed woman’s mind.


The journal entry:


Tier 3

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in Seoul

Make your way to the next sad scene.

She mentions a hotel in her dream journal.

The only hotel in Seoul servicing Seoul’s secrets is the Kumiho Hotel.


Go to the third floor of the Kumiho Hotel. At the end of the hallway is an open room (375,305).


Objective: Sleep in the Kumiho Hotel

As with before, find that used hotel bed to rest your weary head.


Objective: Explore the dream

The telephone is ringing. Always ringing. Multiple phones are ringing in multiple rooms. Find the source of that infernal noise.

In this dream, the telephone is ringing. I know that answering it is the only way to stop something tragic from happening. And yet, I can never reach the phone. I am always too late.

The phone is in the very first room to the right of the dreambed. Use it. Answer it.


As soon as you answer the phone, it vanishes, and the ringing can be heard elsewhere. Follow it. When you try to leave, a mean little girl shuts the door on you. It’s not locked.

Turn left to the next hallway. The next phone shouts from a board room on the right. Go ahead and pick up.


Once more, it is replaced. This time by the phone farther down the table.


The next phone is in a maze of screens. Make your way to the end so you can answer it.


Samhain 2015 #4 can be found in the room with the screen-maze.

Follow the buzzing down the hall. It seems the next phone is on the ceiling. How odd! Jump on the light fixture beneath the ceiling-table to reach the phone.


Immediately in the room next door is yet another screaming phone.


Taking the office phone causes every phone to ring in a ruckus, falling to a muted buzz.

Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

The Fragment of Silence sits serenely in the shrill room, dulling the racket.


Objective: Read the third page

On the bedside table is yet another page of the journal. Take a look.


The journal entry:


Tier 4

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in Kaidan

So far she has slept in hotels. Perhaps there is another hotel in Kaidan.

There is always the infamous Dream Palace, a love hotel of dreams. Try there (685,635).


Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in the Dream Palace.

Trek to the third floor of the Dream Palace and enter Room 305 (685,640) to the far left of the AV Suite.


Objective: Sleep in the Dream Palace

The bed must be so very inviting in these trying times. /sleep.


Objective: Explore the dream

In the dream, there is the most startling sight: you are naked. Stark naked.

And worst of all, everyone is laughing.

In this dream, I am vulnerable. All the eyes of the world are upon me and they judge me and find me wanting. My clothes, my gear, everything is treachery. I am alone.


Cloth yourself! A pair of pants taunts you in the spotlight. Make haste for your dignity.


Samhain 2015 #5 hovers over an air conditioner above an awning at the back side of the diner to the left as you chase your pants. Jump to it by climbing the broken wall up to the awning and then to the air conditioner itself.

Chase your pants through al-Merayah. They lead you just outside the city to a crowd of people, all laughing at you and your lost pants, which are strewn innocently on the ground.


As soon as you take your pants, your shirt is there to mock your vulnerability.


Samhain 2015 #2: Stop chasing your shirt and take a sharp right past the building with the stairs and go behind the crumbling wall.

Finally, the wayward apparel stops beneath an archway. Please put it on.


Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

Fully clothed, approach the Fragment. It is off to your right in a corner. Take it.


Objective: Read the fourth page

The fourth piece of the dream journal has been left on the couch the room.


The journal entry:


Tier 5

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in the Savage Coast

Something overlooks the Coast, but it isn’t a hotel; it’s the Overlook Motel.

Room 13 (725,860) looks very nice these days, and is the only only room not boarded up.


Objective: Sleep in the Overlook Motel

It’s time /sleep in Hell’s infernal sheets.


Objective: Explore the dream

In this dream, I fight. I fight the demons of the past. I fight against myself. That’s the thing about it though, even when you win, you lose.

Brave the bumper cars and Raggedy Sammy.


Samhain 2015 #1 is sitting by the control booth to the very right as you leave the bumper cars. 

Follow the specter of Chad the Chipmunk through the Park.


Kill him at the statues of sunshine and happiness, where he has lead you to your doom.


Persevere on the only open pathway to the Bogeyman’s abode. A small child lays huddled in the light.


Approaching the child causes the Bogeyman to appear. Defeat him.


When the Bogeyman casts Ringmaster of Souls, it is necessary to line of sight him. Hide within his home to avoid instant death.

Samhain 2015 #7 is hiding behind the Bogeyman’s house.

Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

The Fragment appears in the doorway of the Bogeyman’s very own home.


Objective: Read the fifth page

This page is on the bed.


The journal entry:


Tier 6

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in the Blue Mountain

There is only one place known for its plentiful purring pets – the Franklin Mansion and her 13 cats. Take a trip to the Mansion (855,295).


Objective: Sleep on a couch in the Franklin Mansion

Cuddle up with those precious kitties and /sleep on that sofa.


Objective: Explore the dream

Upon dreaming, you find yourself in a strange, red-tinted Agartha. Ahead of you is a branch. Somebody or somebodies are on it. You should investigate.


In this dream, I flee. There is only one place to run. Always away from the past, always into the future. My life in flight.

Unfortunately, the dream’s focus is fleeing. Don’t get caught. If you do, Billy Lee, the murderer from the past, will cut you down and you will start at the beginning of the branch.


Make your way through the mobs of people. An Invisible Weight will be on you, reducing speed by 50% as you try to delay death through distraction.


Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

At the end of a long, winding mass is the Fragment. Get to it fast if you want to live.


Objective: Read the sixth page

Pick up the piece of paper from the coffee table.


The journal entry:


Tier 7

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in the Scorched Desert

Hotel Wahid is lovely this time of year. Visit (820,600).


Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in Hotel Wahid

Go to the hallway on your right as you enter Hotel Wahid and enter the first room, where a sleeping bag has been left (860,585).


Objective: Sleep in the abandoned sleeping bag in Hotel Wahid

Be prepared for some awkward /sleep.


Objective: Explore the dream

As soon as you wake up, you find yourself in a dreadful cell. The ceiling is coming down on you.


They offered me Gaia and I took her because I didn’t have a choice. But she chips, she chips away at us. Can’t you feel it? Don’t you know what she is taking from you?

Go to the door and inspect it, showing a specific key configuration to open. These vary.

On the each side of the room are some keys. Pick up the matching one to escape the death trap.

Once you open the door, the ceiling will cease coming down to crush you.


Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

At the end of the strange prison hall is the Fragment, free for the taking.


Objective: Read the seventh page

Laying beside the sleeping bag is the seventh page.


The journal entry:


Tier 8

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept in the Shadowy Forest

Her journal mentions a room burnt to ash.

In the Shadowy Forest, there is a tavern burnt to ashes: the hellish Abandoned Taverna in Hell’s Row (465,445).


Objective: Sleep in the abandoned sleeping bag in the burnt hotel.

One last time, /sleep in the filthy sleeping bag.


Objective: Explore the dream

The dream begins with amputation of both legs.

Samhain 2015 #3 is in the corner of the room in the Nursery where you wake to find yourself horribly amputated and bleeding profusely.


There are anima wells littering the hallway out of the room, and you can do nothing but crawl pathetically on the ground, bleeding your life away.

In this dream, I am wounded. I cannot be healed. I cannot run from the damage, nor can I find solace from it. My power is gone.


Inch around the wells, avoiding them at all possible. You cannot find solace in healing. It will only return you to the start. Only once you reach the Fragment at the other side will the bleeding stop.

Objective: Take the Fragment of Silence

Grasp that fragment with all that remains of your life.


Objective: Read the eighth page

Right next to where you slept is the eighth page. Peruse it.


The journal entry:


Tier 9

Objective: Find where the secret worlder slept last

She says she intends to sleep where it all began.

Where did she first decide to dice her dreams? Where did the investigation start?

The Tabula Rasa.


One of the Access Keys leads to the right room. There is only one room that is last.

Octavus is the last room in the Tabula Rasa.

Objective: Sleep in Room Octavus

Take one final /sleep in the room of Lorraine’s demise.


Objective: Explore the dream

Before you lies a long, foreboding passageway into a tomb. Go ahead.

Samhain 2015 #6 can be found behind broken columns to the left of the tomb.


Objective: Defeat the Council of Venice agent

This is the only way, after all.

Council of Venice Agent says: You. I sent you away. Nothing to see here, I remember telling you that.

They offered me Gaia and I took her because I didn’t have a choice. But she chips, she chips away at us. Can’t you feel it? Don’t you know what she is taking from you? You can’t feel it, can you? You don’t even know.

I don’t want to go. I don’t want to be back there.

This was the only way.


Objective: Combine the Fragments of Silence

Place the Fragments into the crafting window so that they make a bee.


As soon as Gaia’s Clamour is complete, the spirit in the tomb begins to stir, pushing you out.

Objective: Read the final page

There it is on the desk, the final words of the estranged bee. Read them to conclude the investigation into the suicide.


The final journal entry:


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