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Knight of the Draculesti

Posted by Nordavind on October 12, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on June 19, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Tibor (840,855) XP398 970 PAX30 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the graveyard

Head south and enter the graveyard though it’s front gate.


The mission will update as you cross the bridge. However, now is the time to remember that this a nightmare zone. Target a ghost and observe it’s buffs. To make this easier on yourself, you should equip something (a passive) that sets weakened state (debilitate, exposed or corrupted).


Tier 2

Objective: Find the Draculesti shrine

Go up the main stairs and into the church.


The objective will update as you get to the back wall.


Tier 3

Objective: Gather pieces of the broken cross.

You need 3 pieces. The first one you got from the children. The second one is on the floor here.


And the third one is here.


Objective: Use the pieces to repair the cross

Interact with the cross on the back wall to repair it.


Tier 4

Objective: Locate Gáspár Iute’s Mausoleum

It’s the small one, inside the circular fence, on the east side of the church.


Objective: Collect Gáspár Iute’s spurs

Interact with the mausoleum to grab the spurs.


Tier 5

Objective: Find the Draculesti helmet

Head to the south side of the church, the helmet is on the statue inside a similar fenced off area as the previous one.


Objective: Pick up the helmet

Interact with the helmet to take it.


Objective: Obtain the helmet from Miklós II Näpraznic

Someone does not want to share. Kill the caped crusader to get his helm.


Tier 6

Objective: Find the Draculesti shield

Move to the north-west side of the church. This is the playground for this tier.


Objective: Destroy the barriers that protect the shield

The barriers are the four green glowing statues outside the fence. You will need to dispose of any stationary and roaming ghosts around each of the four.


And then interact with the statue to turn off the barriers.


Objective: Get the shield before the barriers are restored

Timed objective: 3 minutes. After the last barrier is down, this friendly fellow will spawn in the middle. While it’s possible to grab the shield and run (remember that picking up something is a cast which an attack can interrupt), I suggest taking out the ghost first.


And then picking up the shield by interacting with it.


Tier 7

Objective: Find the Draculesti schythe

Right next to where you picked up the shield, is another circle-fence area. Note that when you enter that area, you will be locked in by a barrier. Two enters, one leaves.


Objective: Collect the scythe from István Taios

This fight is all about moving and not standing in stuff.


After you have disposed of the ghost, pick up the scythe by interacting with it.


Tier 8

Objective: Place the Draculesti relics on the shrine

Head back to the church and interact with the kneeling statue on the east side.


Tadaa! Ready for fight, and your mission is complete.


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