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Last Dance of the Padurii

Posted by Nordavind on October 3, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Anastasia (950,810) XP866 660 PAX30 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Take Anastasia’s music box

Interact with the box to pick it up.


You will receive it in your inventory. I strongly suggest placing it on a pinned window for this window.


Objective: Use the box to capture the music of a Sighing Forest Spirit

Target one of the spirits around Anastasia’s wagon, then use the music box. Note that the spirit will become hostile when you do this.


Tier 2

Objective: Use the box to capture the music of an Enslaved Forest Spirit

Head over to the northern part of the forest.


Here you will find Fata Padurii Spiritcatchers. Unlike other Fata Padurii these will only spawn one spirit, and it will always be an Enslaved Forest Spirit.


But wait. I don’t know how to kill Padurii. They have shields and heals and what not!” you might say. Well, it’s a lot easier than most people would have you believe. See that beam going from the spirit to the padurii? That is the source of their strength. We must sever that. First, you need a stun or hinder ability. I like Shake and Bake, a hindering dash ability 6 metres wide and 10 metres long. The fact that it’s a dash makes it extra well suited, since after the stun/hinder, you need to run away.


So, you have one padurii with 1 or 2 or even 3 spirits.  Now use the stun/hinder and make sure you hit all the spirits with this one move. Do not worry about hitting the padurii, they are immune to hinder/stun. After hitting the spirits, run away (if using a dash, keep running in the same direction just a few more metres, more if not). The padurii will be able to follow you, but the slowed/stunned spirit(s) can’t keep up, and the bond between padurii and spirit(s) will be broken. Congratulations, the padurii is now killable! One last note: mind your surroundings, don’t run farther than needed, there are a lot of padurii around you.


Back to the mission. Attack a Fata Padurii Spiritcatcher. When she summons her spirit, target it and use the music box on the spirit. Then either fight the padurii as described above, or for this tier you may simply run away until the aggro goes away. Also, don’t attack the red glowing one I did here unless you have a purge. It has a shield unrelated to the spirit.


Tier 3

Objective: Capture notes from Shrilling Forest Spirits

Objective: Capture notes from Keening Forest Spirits

Objective: Capture notes from Clamouring Forest Spirits

Eliminate some of the Padurii brood

Move deeper into the forest. Note that this tier is all about the ones names Fata Padurii, without the Spiritcatcher suffix. The latter will not give you what you need.


Each padurii will summon two spirits. They come in three colours. Shrilling is red (shields), keening is white (heals) and clamouring is blue (cleanses). First attack a padurii to have it reveal her spirits. Then target each of the spirits and use the music box on them. You need to catch the notes from four of each type of spirit. Then move on to kill the padurii. You need to kill 4 padurii for this tier, so while you can run away from some, 4 needs to die. You will not know which kind of spirit the padurii summons, so when you have only one type of spirit’s notes left to catch, you may find that the padurii summons the two you don’t need. Good luck.


Tier 4

Objective: Lure out Mama Padurii

Head east towards the Girls Garden. For the coming challenges, I suggest adding a second impair/hinder if the one you use have a long cool down.


Stop by these stones, then use the humming music box. Since it’s humming with music now (basically a new item) it will have been moved to you main inventory if placed elsewhere during the other tiers.


Objective: Kill Mama Padurii

Here comes mommy.


She will summon spirits, so you need to use the same approach here as with other padurii. However, as soon as the bonds are broken, hit her fast and hard with everything you got, because she will summon new ones within a few seconds. Kepp dancing like this until she is dead and the mission is complete.


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