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Six Feet Under

Posted by Nordavind on June 28, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Alina Florea (710,1130) XP897 610 PAX20 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Read the note describing the cargo

Head west into the forest.


You will find a lorry. Interact with the notepad to read it.


Tier 2

Objective: Take the tracking device from the truck bed

Interact with the signal tracker, for the occasion shaped as a large map, to pick it up.


Objective: Find and retrieve the contents of the first crate

To make it easier to find the crate within the mission area, right-click on the signal tracker in your inventory. This will initiate the sonar game mechanic, represented both as a visual green display around you and a sonar ping. The closer you are to a objective, the more frequent the graphic and the ping will be.


The first crate is close to the middle of the area (all pick-ups are in fact in the middle of the red circles for this mission), at (631,1085). Interact with the crate to pick it up.


Objective: Find and retrieve the contents of the second crate

The second crate is farther west. Remember to re-activate your tracker.


This is at (565,1065). Pick it up


Objective: Find and retrieve the contents of the third crate

Third crate is south east from the second.


Head to (730,990) and grab it.


Objective: Find and retrieve the contents of the fourth crate

Fourth crate is farther south.


Your final crate is in the stone den at (740,935).


Objective: Find and retrieve the contents of the brief case

Head north west.


The brief case is at (625,1010). You won’t be able to pick it up, it has already been opened. The objective and search area will update as soon as you get within a few feet.


Objective: Find and retrieve the contents of the brief case

Yes, same objective once more, but this time slightly moved. You need to follow the papertrail from the brief case. It will take you to the home of the Bog Ghoul Murkstirrer at (580,1000). Kill him.


And pick up the Morninglight documents that lie behind him by interacting with them.


Tier 3

Objective: Call in a helicopter from the bunker

The bunker is right next to the last objective. Enter it.


Interact with the radio transmitter inside to call in the helicopter.


Objective: Search the nearby supplies for flares

Flares can be found across the compound from the bunker. Interact with the crate to pick one up.


You now have a flare in your inventory. Right click it to use it.


Aim the green reticle anywhere inside the red mission area, click to fire and set off the flare.


Objective: Hold off the ghouls until the helicopter arrives

There will be three waves of ghouls. While you wait for the waves you can ponder about why you can use this neat machine.


The first two waves will be a pair of Feral Bog Ghouls.


Seriously, I want to infuse this 2K12 Kub with anima and fire some 3M9 missiles!


The last wave will be the Peat Mystic. Kill him to proceed.


Objective: Hand over the artifacts

Get to da choppa! Click on it to deliver the artefacts, and see how it bails on you. Mission complete.


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