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The Cellar Door

Posted by Belladawna on January 21, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on January 21, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Silviu Dimir (1075,1095) XP589 430 PAX20 000
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Tier 1

Objective: Find the entrance to the cellar

Enter the marked building on your map at (1080,1085).


Climb down the ladder to find the entrance to the cellar.


Objective: Enter the cellar

Click on the hatch to enter the cellar.  The Dimir Farm Cellar is a solo instance and must be done alone.


Objective: Explore the cellar

After entering the cellar follow the left wall until you find a security camera and a set of lasers.  The objective will update as you approach the camera at (75,45).


Tier 2

Objective: Disable the west block security system

The west block security system is past the camera.  To sneak past the camera wait until the light is at the far side and stand in the corner to the left.  When there is a clear space on the ground run past the camera.


After sneaking past the camera enter the small room to your left.  There will be a switch inside, pulling this switch will disable the west block security system.


Objective: Release the door to the north block

While exiting the small room with the switch for the west block you will notice the lasers have been disabled allowing you to continue straight.


There will be a small room to your right with a switch (85,55).  Pull this switch to release the door to the north block.


Objective: Head deeper into the cellar complex

The door to your left will open leading back to the large room where you entered.  A new door will be open at the end of the room to your left.


Take care when entering the new hallway.  Land mines are scattered on the floor and can not be dodged.  The land mines are targetable and can be destroyed with a ranged weapon. They will explode so it is best to not stand close to them while destroying them.


Tier 3

Objective: Search the cells for survivors

Enter the room, climb down the ladder and approach the switches in the center of the room. Enter the code 010 by flipping the center switch.  This will open a cell to your left with a dead blajini with a note.


Return to the switches and pull the left switch to enter the code 110.  This will open a cell to your right and update the mission.


Objective: Get the prisoner out of his cell

Approach the open cell to your right to free the prisoner. You will get the update at (120,95).


Objective: Release the doors to the east block

After freeing the prisoner you will need to open the door to the east block.  Return to the switches and enter the code 111.


Objective: Disable the east block security wall

Follow the prisoner until he stops at a gate with lasers.


To the left of the gate there is a room with a switch.  Enter the room and pull the switch to open the gate.


Objective: Disable the second east block security wall

With the first security wall deactivated the prisoner will progress to the second security wall. A door will open to your left.  Exit thought this door and enter another room with a switch. Pull this second switch to disable the second east block security wall.


Objective: Return to the bunker entrance with the prisoner

Now that the prisoner is free and security has been disabled finish the mission by returning to the bunker entrance.  Following the prisoner will lead you out and complete the mission.


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