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The Draculesti

Posted by Nordavind on August 17, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on June 19, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Milosh (835,860) XP398 940 PAX30 000  BB6
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This mission will not be available until you have completed CrossroadsSix Feet Under, The Amazing Brothers Blaga and The Wild Hunt.

Tier 1

Objective: Find a Romany Trapper

The trapper is just outside the camp, to the north west.


Approach the trapper to proceed.


Objective: Reset ghoul traps in the forest

The mission area is just across the road from the trapper.


Find a total of five traps in the area and reset them by interacting with them. If you choose, you may wait and reset one or more of the same traps over again.


Tier 2

Objective: Find the Romany hunter

The hunter is located up north by the small cap set up by Mihas.


Approach the hunter to proceed.


Objective: Pick up some flares from the box

Interact with the box next to the hunter to get the flares.


You will receive them in your inventory. I suggest moving them to a pinned window for easy access.


Objective: Track and mark two Fang Run Gorethroats

They are located across the road from the hunter.


When you find one right-click on the flare, and place the green ground reticule on the Gorethroat.


Then left-click to place the flare, and wait a second for the hunter to take his shot. Hunt down two of these werewolves.


Tier 3

Objective: Find the Romany Observer

You will find the observer between the water purification plant and the cemetery.


Approach the observer to proceed.


Objective: Photograph a Fungal Becoming

Objective: Photograph a Fungal Seeder

Objective: Photograph a Fungal Incubator

The observer has given you a camera. Right clicking on the camera will take a picture. Put it in a pinned bag for easy access. You will have to get within 10 metres for the camera to be able to catch the creatures on film. And if your proximity will not aggro them, the flash from the camera will, so have your weapon ready.


Then head into the forest area where you can fins photograph subjects. Apart from the becomings, the  seeders and incubators can be found all over, no need to head to the marked areas.


Smile, Mr. Fungal Seeder.


Say cheese, Fungal Incubators!


You blinked, Ms. Fungal Becoming!


Objective: Deliver the photos and the camera to the Romany observer.

Head back to the observer. The objective will complete as you approach her.


Tier 4

Objective: Find the Romany demon hunter

The demon hunter is next to Mosul.


Approach the demon hunter to proceed.


Objective: Pick up explosives and a detonator from the box

Objective: Pick up the cube next to the demon hunter

Interact with the box.


Then with the cube.


You will have the items in your inventory (although not the explosives themselves). I suggest putting both items in a pinned bag for easy access.


Objective: Use the cube on a dying hellspawn

As you need to do this three times, I suggest picking the same pack of Hellcur as I do here. Use single target attacks on one at a time, this gives you better control of their health.


When the health of a Hellcur reaces red, right-click on the cube. This will capture the creatures, eh, soul/essence/life force/”I have no idea but it is a black and red blob”, and finish it off.


Objective: Find a good location to set the trap

The map thisnk this short gorge here is suiting. So go there.


Objective: Place the explosives.

Interact with all 10 places to place all the explosives (which isn’t visible in your inventory but that you are still carrying).


Objective: Place the cube as bait

Timed objective: 30 seconds. Run to the middle of the gorge and place the cube where it tells you to place the bait. Interact with the area on the ground, don’t use the cube itself.


Objective: Find cover

Timed objective: 45 seconds. Run to the rocks at the end of the gorge and hide (stand) behind them.



Objective: Wait for the Hell Soldiers to walk into the trap

Timed objective: 15 seconds. The countdown timer will start at 45 seconds, but they will reach the cube when then counter reaches 30 seconds and the next objective starts.


Objective: Detonate the explosives

Timed objective: 15 seonds. Right-click on your detonator. BOOM!


Objective: Pick up the relic dropped by the Hell Soldiers

Timed objective: 25 seconds. Run forward and grab the relic on the ground.


Objective: Deliver the relic to the Romany demon hunter

Head back to the demon hunter. As you approach him, the objective and the mission will be complete.


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