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Posted by Darxide on January 8, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on June 13, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
New York Given Automatically XP539 810
More Less Jump to:
This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


This mission begins immediately and automatically after completing Black Sun, Red Sand.

Tier 1

Objective: Report to Kirsten Geary

You should know the drill by now.

Objective: Leave the office

After an interesting cutscene you will get a phone call when leaving the office.

Tier 2

Objective: Meet Senator Cicero in the com room

The com room is at (260, 340). Cicero is quite a character, but then, aren’t all of the Illuminati?


Objective: Pick up the materials from Cicero

Next to the stairs toward the exit is a crate. Take an Orochi uniform from it.


Objective: Leave the com room

Upon leaving the com room you’ll get another phone call.

Tier 3

Objective: Use the subway to reach the Orochi offices

Head to the subway entrance again at (365, 405).


Tier 4

Objective: Enter the Orochi building

You will automatically equip the Orochi uniform. Walk through the energy field. Don’t worry about the alarm. The field locks down your abilities until the mission is complete.


With the Orochi uniform on, you can walk right past normal Orochi employees, but drones and guards will detect you for who you are. Go up the stairs behind the reception desk.


Objective: Find a way to access the server room

The server room is locked. You’ll have to find the keycard first.


Avoid the single drone that slowly circles the area and go through the door to the west. Go down this hallway and open the last door on the left.


On the right hand side of this room there is a keycard in an empty cubicle. Pick it up.


The new keycard still won’t get you into the server room. Go back to the middle area with the drone and enter the door on the east side. Once in the hall, go in the first door on the left with Manticore above it.


In this office, turn right and enter the next room. Be careful of the wandering guard. There is a computer terminal at the back of the room on the left. Swipe your keycard and then use the computer to upgrade your keycard’s security clearance.

You can either go out the way you came in or unlock the door to the hallway and leave through it. You now have access to the server room, so head to the center area and enter the server room.


Objective: Use the computer to learn about the security measures

Use the only computer in the room and select option 2.


Objective: Obtain the security card of the Pletheron Director

Objective: Obtain the security card of the Anansi Director

Leave the server room and take the stairs up to the third floor. Again, there is a single drone patrolling this floor. The server room here is also locked, but this time with two keycards.


Enter the Pletheron offices which are through the west door.


The Pletheron Director’s keycard is in the room at the end of the hall on the right, but you can’t just take it with him standing there so we need to create a diversion. Enter the first room on the left and use the computer. Select option 3 and then option 1 which will set off alarms.


Everyone will come running to gawk at the incubator so you can run down to the office at the end of the hall and get the Director’s keycard from the desk.


Go back to the middle area and enter the Anansi offices through the door on the east.


Be careful as this hallway contains a drone. If the drone is coming toward you when you open the door you can quickly duck into one of the two rooms closest to you until it passes. If the drone is moving away from you then you can follow behind it. When you get to the end of the hallway go into the office on the right. In this room you will find the Anansi Director’s keycard on his desk. Just wait for him to not be there and grab the card.


NOTE: As of patch 1.8.3 there is still a bug where some NPCs will not patrol like they are supposed to and this affects the Anansi Director as well. If he stands at his desk and does not leave, you can still grab the keycard but you will have the guards called on you and you’ll be thrown out. Since the Orochi are incompetent, they won’t search you for the keycard and they won’t care if you come back into the building.

Objective: Enter the Prometheus office and find out more about the project

Go back to the central room and use your two keycards to unlock the Prometheus door on the north wall. Use the computer terminal in this room and select option 3.


Using the computer will trip the alarm and the building will go into lockdown mode. You will now have to escape without being caught.

Objective: Make your way to the exit without getting caught

You will notice that there is now a laser grid in place so you can’t simply jump over the railing and there are also additional drones on each level.


You will have to observe the drone patterns and hide in the side hallways in order to make it to the stairs and down to the second floor. On the second floor you need to go back to the server room on the north wall. Again, use the side hallways to hide from the drones. In the security room use the computer again and this time enter the options 1 and then 1 again.

This will scramble the turrets on the first floor. Once you get there you will notice that the turrets have taken out all of the drones for you. Simply walk to the exit while noting the fact that the secretary is still sitting at the reception desk like nothing is happening.


Tier 5

Objective: Bring the data to Senator Cicero

Back in New York, head back to Senator Cicero in the Labyrinth.


Objective: Report to Kirsten Geary for your next assignment

Back up to the boss’s office.


Tier 6

Objective: Travel through Agartha to the Besieged Farmlands in Transylvania

In Agartha, keep traveling along the main path past Egypt and you’ll end up on the Transylvania branch. Enter through the Besieged Farmlands portal.


Once through, your story mission automatically becomes Mortal Sins.

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