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Mortal Sins

Posted by Vikestart on January 29, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Transylvania Automatically Given XP4 787 282
More Less Jump to:
This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


Tier 1

Objective: Find Carmen Preda, of the Council of Venice

Exit the bunker and you should see a woman with black hair standing next to a horse under a tree on the right side of the road. Hmmmm, details… Anyway, this cutscene will introduce to you the story that lies ahead.


Tier 2

Objective: Enter the village of Harbaburesti

The location is conspicuously marked on the map. You can’t miss it.

Objective: Go to the Taverna and search for stories

Again, you can’t miss it. Enter the taverna at (1036,1028).


Tier 3

Objective: Search the village for the friendly owl

Within the area marked on the map, go to (1100,995). You should see an owl. Approach it to have the mission advance.


Objective: Follow the owl

You will need to follow the owl 8 times before reaching the final destination. The first location is at (1100,950). Refer to the map below to find all the locations.


Eventually, you will get to a tree. Go inside to have another cutscene trigger.


Tier 4

Objective: Find the girl with the spyglass watching over the Besieged Farmlands

The girl she is referring to is called Zaha. You will find her at (475,880).


Objective: Find out more about Transylvania from Zaha

Click on her red dialogue icon to open a list of topics you can ask her about. Use the dialogue option for Transylvania.

Objective: Find the circus man in the forest

Now it’s time to head over to the Shadowy Forest. You can get to that zone by using the tunnel at (320,460).


Once in the Shadowy Forest, go to (1000,1200). It’s straight to the left outside the tunnel. There’s a bonfire with several people around it. Approach them.


Objective: Ask Mihas about the Romany

Use his dialogue options to learn more about the Romany. This will give you a report window which will award you with experience and a blue glyph.

Tier 5

Objective: Go see Milosh

Milosh and his friends are holding out in a camp at (840,865). Approach Milosh to have yet another cutscene trigger.


Tier 6

Objective: Go to the place were the Draculesti were founded

The location is conspicuously marked on the map again. Go through the green-glowing barrier to advance the mission.


Objective: Look for the Draculesti prophecy

Go to the top of the circular tower at (290,710). This ruined city is a bit hard to navigate, but to get up there, first go to the stairs roughly at (260,745).


Then go to the other end of the wooden bridge. You should see a book under one of the benches. Attempt to pick it up.


Objective: Defeat the Architect

Don’t use impairing abilities on these monsters as they will counter you will a silencing effect. Aside from that, it should be pretty easy to defeat.


Objective: Pick up the Architect’s diary

Again, attempt to pick up the book. This time you’ll get it.

Tier 7

Objective: Find the key

The location is marked on the map, but the circle is quite small, so it’s hard to spot. The key is located at (215,945).


Objective: Look for records of the tomb

Again, the location is actually marked on the map despite being quite difficult to notice. Nevertheless, the location is (290,840).


Objective: Find the crypt behind the chapel

Go to the designated location, which is at (790,540). You don’t have to approach the chapel from the front like I did in the picture below. If you wish to avoid the dangerous spectre in red, you can enter that part of the graveyard on the other side.


Objective: Unlock the tomb

Interact with the crypt lock above the door leading into the crypt.


Objective: Enter the tomb

The doors are now unlocked, and you may enter. There are no hostiles inside.

Objective: Examine the tomb

Head to the end of the room inside and examine the book on the altar.


Tier 8

Objective: Find someone who can interpret the document

When you exit the crypt, you should see an owl waiting outside. Follow it to find the person who can help you. It will lead you to Anastasia at (945,810).


Tier 9

Objective: Go to the tree of life

It’s on the other side of the lake, north of Anastasia, at (930,885).


Tier 10

Objective: Find the source of the stream

Simply backtrail the river. This should lead you to (1160,905).


Objective: Activate the source

Okay, time for a puzzle. You will need to interact with the correct letters.

Here’s a hint for you:

Those are Romanian letters.
Think about the phrase Water of Life and then think about Romanian


Objective: Gather the Water of Life

Gather the water from the water basin.

Tier 11

Objective: Find a representation of death

Go to the Statue of Death at (900,685). It’s actually marked on the map, but the circle is quite small and hard to see due to the other icons on the map.


Objective: Examine the Statue of Death

Interact with the statue next to the anima well.

Tier 12

Objective: Find the Water of Death

Pay attention to the statue. It’s almost like its hand is pointing in a direction. Also, it struck me that perhaps to gain access to the Water of Death, one has to actually be dead. It shouldn’t be the first time the game requires you to be in your anima form.

Either get something to kill you or type /reset in the chat. You will respawn at the anima well next to the statue. You should then notice spectres travelling along the river.


Follow them to get to the Water of Death. You should end up at (1045,310). Get some Water of Death from the water basin.


Tier 13

Objective: Find the Dragon’s tomb

You may now return to the world of the living. You can find the Dragon’s tomb inside the Chapel of the Prince at (790,560).

Objective: Enter the Dragon’s tomb

Interact with the hidden tomb to unlock the passage. Jump down to get ported inside.


Objective: Join the waters of life and death

Use the two empty water basins next to the water pool. One for the Water of Life and one for the Water of Death.


Tier 14

Objective: Gather the water with Dracula’s egg to capture his essence

Step into the pool of water and click on it.

Tier 15

Objective: Take a rubbing of the eagle on the wall

Interact with the table beneath the eagle symbol to take a rubbing of it.


Objective: Talk to Milosh about the eagle

When you exit the tomb, you’ll be attacked by a strange creature labeled Mara’s Assassin. It’s not a hard fight. Kill it and head for Milosh at (840,865).


Tier 16

Objective: Find Octavian’s cabin

Go to the location marked on the map, it’s on the westernmost part of the zone.


Objective: Ask the old man about the Eagle

Just head inside the cabin and a cutscene will play.

Tier 17

Objective: Look for something to persuade Octavian

There’s a letter on the table by the cabin’s entrance. Interact with it to read its content. This should give you a clue on what to do.


Tier 18

Objective: Find Emilia

She’s outside and pretty easy to spot, as she’s wearing a pink top. Approach her to have the mission advance.

Tier 19

Objective: Kill a boar

There are several boars in the area. Kill one of them.


Objective: Place the fresh meat near Emilia

Place the fresh meat on the tree stump next to her.

Objective: Watch as Emilia is attacked, and hope that the plan works

Octavian will come to the rescue, revealing his affection for Emilia.


After that, a cutscene will trigger where important information is disclosed.

Tier 20

Objective: Go back to Dracula’s tomb

This is where you previously used the waters of life and death. Go to the hidden entrance at (785,575) and enter the tomb.


Objective: Gather Dracula’s essence

Interact with the pool of water again.


This time, it will cause a silver egg to spawn on the other side of the room. Pick it up.


Tier 21

Objective: Go to the Carpathian Fangs

It’s time for a new adventure zone. Pass through the tunnel at (600,340).


Tier 22

Objective: Find one of Mara’s messengers

Simply follow the road to around (630,1125). You may have to wait a little while, but there will be a werewolf passing through that area. It’s labeled Werewolf Messenger and it will not attack you if you get close to it.

Objective: Follow the messenger

Follow it to its destination. The werewolf messenger will go to a bunker at (655,1060).


Wait outside the hatch for a minute. Eventually, a Vampiric Messenger will come out eventually. Follow the vampiric messenger to the next bunker at (890,1040).


Wait outside the next hatch for a minute as well. After a while, a Hybrid Messenger steps outside of the bunker. Follow it to the next location at (980,950).


The Hybrid Messenger will go inside another bunker. This time the wait will be shorter. The Hybrid Messenger will come outside again and go to the final location at (1040,850).


Objective: Inspect the site

Approach the dig site. A cutscene with Mara herself will trigger. You will also meet a character called Emma.


Tier 23

Objective: Follow Emma

Follow Emma to the Smiths’ cabin at (620,640). Another cutscene will play.


Tier 24

Objective: Find the One

The One is a mysterious character called Callisto. You will find him inside the Repentance Cavern at (940,480). Get near him to have another cutscene play out.


Tier 25

Objective: Join Callisto at Mara’s palace

Meet up with Callisto. The location is at (360,1000). Once there, he will breach the spell that protects the door. This will enable you to enter.


Objective: Enter the Palace Below

You are closing in on the final battle. Enter the palace.

Objective: Find a way to unlock Mara’s chambers

Okay, it’s time to explain what’s going to happen inside and what you need to do. The first thing you need to know is that you will encounter strong enemies called Royal Sadists inside. You should definitely avoid attracting too many of these at once.


How to unlock the chambers

There is an altar at the centre of the room with a pentagram on it. You will need to collect 6 body parts and place them on the altar. These are Head, Torso, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg and Right Leg. You can get these body parts by defeating Refuse Collectors in the pits.

It is ideal to take out the Royal Sadists before jumping down into the pit because they will be able to attack you from up there, however, you will not be able to attack them from down there. Add the zombies and the Refuse Collectors, and you’re in for it. Therefore, you should take the Royal Sadists out first.

When you kill a Refuse Collector, it will drop a body part:


Once you have all the body parts, return to the altar at the centre of the room and place down all the body parts. This will unlock Mara’s chambers.


Objective: Enter Mara’s chamber

You will now walk into a boss fight, however, most of the time you will be fighting her zombie minions as well, so be sure to equip some multi-hit abilities.


Objective: Confront Mara

As for the fight itself, there is an ability to watch out for:


During Phase 1, she will periodically cast this ability. You should take shelter behind one of the six statues in the room, by the windows. This is because this ability will instantly kill you if you’re in her line of sight. Additionally, she will destroy the statue afterwards, which leaves you only six chances to escape this attack. Therefore you need to be able to deal enough damage to get her to Phase 2 before all the statues are gone.


Remember to seek shelter behind a statue.


You will also need to deal with the zombies that she keeps resurrecting.

Eventually, she will switch to Phase 2, where she will start attacking you directly. She will also use an ability that will spawn bloodpools on the floor. Be sure to avoid those.

Eventually, you should be able to defeat her, which will trigger a cutscene.


Objective: Return to the Carpathian Fangs

Exit the palace. You can use the closest exit straight to the right when exiting the chambers instead of going all the way back to where you entered.

Tier 26

Objective: Enter the Breach

Go back to the dig site at (1060,830). Wait a while before you enter the breach. Emma needs to deactivate turrets first.


Tier 27

Objective: Follow Emma

Follow Emma into the breach. she will teleport past enemies. You can choose whether you can to attack them or sneak past them, there’s no time limit.


Tier 28

Objective: Follow Emma into the chasm

The time has come for you to revisit a familiar place.


Tier 29

Objective: Find the source of the energy

Proceed forward. Eventually, you’ll get to a swirling circle of light. Go through it.


You are now inside some contraption called a Gaia Engine, something that’s essentially, and quite literally, holding the world together.


Objective: Find a failing Gaia Engine

This Gaia Engine is working flawlessly. Exit the engine through the circle of light on the opposing wall.

Enter another Gaia Engine. You need to find a failing Gaia Engine. You can use the rapid transit movement nodes, similar to the ones in Agartha, next to the engines to quickly move around the island.


You can identify a failing Gaia Engine from not having orbs coming out of it. The functional engines have orbs coming out of them.


Use the information above to find a failing Gaie Engine. Once you find and enter one, the objective updates to:

Objective: Repair the failing Gaia Engine

This is a puzzle, but it’s relatively easy if you just listen to the sounds the engine makes. You can interact with the light orbs to tune them. Listen for the weird sound as light omits from the orbs. This will help you idenfity the orbs that are not tuned correctly. Approach those orbs and interact with them.


Objective: Find the next failing Gaia Engine

Repeat the same process for another failing engine. Remember what I told you about failing engines not having orbs coming out of them. That will help you find the next failing engine. Once inside that engine, listen for the orbs that aren’t tuned correctly, then interact with those to retune them.

Objective: Find a way to enter the crater

Exit the engine and follow the stream of light orbs. They will lead you to the entrance to the crater. Prepare yourself for the most awesome part of the story.


Objective: Repair the prison or attack it

As with the previous story missions, you are given the option to do one thing or the other. You should think about the situation before making a decision as it is said that your choice will matter to some extent at some point in the later chapters of the story.

If you wish to repair the prison, repeat the same process as with the failing gaia engines. Listen in for the nodes that are not functioning correctly and fix them. There are two nodes that need to be tuned.

If you wish to attack the prison, simply attack the central node.


Your choice will to some extent affect which cutscene you will get to see; whether the woman in white or the man in black will come to you.


This is the end of Mortal Sins. You will be given a very short faction-specific story mission that concludes the story of Transylvania.

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