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Who Horrifies The Horrors?

Posted by Vikestart on July 29, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 3, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Besieged Farmlands Carmen Preda (1200,1240) XP498 690 PAX25 000  BB15
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Tier 1

Objective: Search The Eastern Village Entrance for Signs of Werewolves

Go to the area marked on the map, which is at (1160,1000)


Once you get there, your mission objective will immediately update to:

Objective: Drive Back The Werewolf Assault

Werewolves will spawn in waves. Kill them to advance the mission.


Objective: Find out where the werewolves are coming from

Just follow the werewolf tracks imprinted in the wet soil. The tracks will end near the corpse of a werewolf at (1120,790)


The Howling: You might want to pick up the side mission on your way to the next location. That side mission follows the path of this mission anyway.


Once you reach your destination, the mission objective will immediately update to:

Tier 2

Objective: Examine the lupine corpse

You might want to remember to kill one of the creatures in the side mission you picked up along the road. It patrols the area not far from the lupine corpse.

Click on the lupine corpse to advanced the mission, located at (1120,790).


Objective: Defend Yourself

A single wave of 2 werewolves will attack you. Defeat them and your objective will update to:

Objective: Follow the back trail of the injured werewolves!

You will be ambused by a few werewolves on your way to the next location

Tier 3

Objective: Examine the maimed lupine corpse

This corpse is located at (850,810).


Objective: Defend Yourself

Once again, destroy those pesky werewolves

Objective: Continue following the werewolves’ backtrail

The backtrail ends at (705,770)

Tier 4

Objective: Search the area for signs of injured werewolves

You will find a lupine limb at (670,750). Interact with it (eeww)


Objective: Defend Yourself

Put down the 3 waves of werewolves and get moving again

Objective: Continue following the werewolves’ backtrail

The trails sometimes bug out here and won’t show. To fix this, simply walk out of the mission area and walk back in. Anyway, the trail ends at (680,670)

Tier 5

Objective: Search the area for signs of injured werewolves

You will find a lupine limb at (690,650).


Objective: Defend Yourself

Another 3 werewolf waves. Put them down and get going again

Objective: Follow the werewolf tracks and confront the creature

Simply follow the tracks again. You will be ambused several times, but only by 2 werewolves at a time. This trail ends at (480,590).

Tier 6

Objective: Kill the Dark Woods Horror

It has a total of 38k health, but a cutscene will initiate once you get it down to around 20% of its total health.


A friend quite familiar shows up


This mission will turn into A Trail of Breadcrumbs upon completion.

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