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Extra Life 2016

Posted by Vomher on January 28, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on January 28, 2017

Extra Life is an annual fundraising gaming event for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every dollar donated goes toward helping children live to a better tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you, $1,226.00 was raised through Team TSWDB!

Every donation made through TSWDB placed a donor into a variety of giveaway raffles for clothing, pets, signets, augments, and a heroic quality sprint.

We are happy to announce the following winners of our incentive raffles!

  • Raztec has won the Police Motor Unit!
  • IwoJima has won the Epic Event Clothing Bundle!
  • Insein has won the full-body, full color commission by Kuro-Hebi!
  • Hestian and Okami-Oni have each won one full-body, flat color commission by Kuro-Hebi!
  • Btyrr has won the Epic Signet and Attuned Augment Bundle!
  • arawns has won the Rare Signet and Attuned Augment Bundle!

The art commission winners have already been contacted by Kuro-Hebi.

Each person to donate over 10$ or 20$ also received a random uncommon or rare event pet respectively.

Please check your in-game mail for the prizes!

The rewards will be mailed out throughout the week, so keep checking. If you donated the minimum to be rewarded a pet but received none by Saturday, January 28th, please contact us through Twitter.

If you donated to the Team in any way or participated as a member and did not receive the Extra Life t-shirt for 2016, please contact us as soon as possible!

Special thanks go out to Insein for donating the epic attuned augments, Aeryl for donating epic and rare signets, and Kuro-Hebi for donating their artwork and time! All remaining prizes were provided by Vomher.

I wish to personally thank everyone who participated in Extra Life 2016. No matter how much you donated or to whom you donated, you helped save lives.

You are all heroes.

Thank you.

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