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Game Director Letter – March 2015

Posted by Vikestart on March 9, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on March 23, 2015

joel-bylos-gm-letter-feb14Hi guys,

I’ve just returned from my whirlwind visit to the US office (and a quick trip to Canada) and I am jetlagged. Still, the nice unicorn that I sat next to on the plane after taking my Ambien gave me some very good tips on Illuminati brain control techniques, so that is a bonus.

More on the trip later in the letter, but first I want to talk a little bit more about the Enhanced Player Experience (I wanted to call it the Enhanced Player Elite Enjoyment Nirvana or EPEEN, but I was shot down by wiser voices).

Read the rest of the letter on the official TSW website.

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