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Museum of the Occult and the Elite Ability Revamp

Posted by Vomher on June 15, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on August 23, 2016

The long-awaited Museum of the Occult is here in Update 1.15.5!

The Museum brings to The Secret World an entirely new, personalized customization feature – your very own museum! With the Museum comes a whole slew of achievements, clothing, pets, and more!

Decorate the museum to your every whimsy and make something fabulously your own!

For our comprehensive guide on the Museum of the Occult, see here. Our comprehensive guide is in progress! In the mean time, it contains all known information on the Museum of the Occult prior to release of the feature. It will be updated frequently and swiftly to accommodate new and up-to-date information.

The Museum of the Occult also includes the Bestiary, sets of secret lore that require investigation and puzzle-solving to discover.

For the Bestiary lore introduced in the Update, check our Bestiary section!

With the Update also comes the Elite Ability Revamp!

Many passive and active abilities have been modified and balanced greatly in the Revamp. The purpose was to balance the few overpowered Elite abilities and bring the remaining Elites in line.

Many builds will be altered by this change and as such, may be out of date at this time.

There are also major changes to how Zuberi, Alex, and Rose work in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone!

To read more about the vast numbers of changes included within the content update, see the Official Update Notes.

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