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Project Agenda – March

Posted by Vikestart on March 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on March 4, 2014

projectagenda_marchHey, this is Aeodus, the project leader of this site. Following up on our agenda from last month, I’ll attempt to lay our overly ambitious (as always) plans for this month on the table.

We did not manage to fulfil last month’s agenda due to many reasons. It was an ambitious agenda and a lot of us are busy with other chores and everyday stuff like school and work. I know that I’ll be very busy this month as well. Various exams are starting to close in and I’ll also be going to the US near the end of the month. Seeing as all nearly all content has to be reviewed by me, this month might be a little slow for those very reasons.

Our priorities are still to get out the remaining dungeon guides as well as the remaining faction missions. More interactive maps will be added to the site and we are also working on getting the lore section of the site up and running. You will also be seeing the begining of the lair section with guides on various lair bosses, regional bosses and the lairs in general.

Our pink team member, Ciritty, will continue on her fantastic build guides and some of our team members will keep working on the remaining missions in Blue Mountain, City of the Sun God and the Shadowy Forest. That’s what you can expect this month! :)

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