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PvP Boot Camp – Beginner’s Class

Posted by Vikestart on May 5, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on May 5, 2015

The TSW PvP events team is hosting an event for people new to PvP in TSW.

“This event is organized to introduce players to the PvP part of this amazing game with the help of experienced and friendly PvP community veterans.

As the name suggests, this event is for those looking to begin PvPing in TSW and those who are simply curious about the PvP aspect of the game and would like to learn more. You have no prior or very little/limited experience? Not a problem – this event is aimed at helping you start off in PvP and for you to get to know the PvP community.

We will host another PvP event aimed at more advanced PvP players at a later stage (will be advertised in advance), so those of you with more experience in PvP will get your chance to talk more advanced builds and tactics with your fellow PvPers then.”

Read more from the announcement thread on the TSW forums.

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