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Valentine’s Day Spreads Once More

Posted by Vomher on February 15, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on February 27, 2017

No, really–there’s something in the air.  Unknown agents have been discovered to have contaminated clear sectors, causing unstable reactions known only as ‘emotions’.  Of the amorous kind.

Our top officials are investigating this phenomenon; beware of an overload of symptoms, including:

• Corsages and jewelry
• Valentine’s bears
• St. Valentine’s scooter
• Satchel of Amorous Delights
• Bag of Saint Valentinus

Valentine’s Day has once more hit the Secret World by surprise. The plague of love is spreading. From 14 February 2017 to the end of the month, you can taste some toxic love as the disease begins its infestation and infiltrates the hearts of all.

During this time, a number of exclusive items are available from the Item Store.

Included in the sales are wedding and engagement rings, corsages, event bags, and stuffed bears to give your beloved.

New this year is the Heart Pajamas, white set, which gives a player both a hooded and non-hooded version of white pajamas with red hearts all over them.

You can also claim up to 5 free Heart pendant, silver from the Item Store per account, which can then be traded to another player at your whim. These pendants were added before the Gifting functionality and are thus found in the normal portion of the Item Store.

There are two items only available through Gifting during this event. The Love Bird pet is once more available to give, and there is now a set of black heart pajamas to dole out. They are not visible in the Item Store outside of the Gift interface.

The Merchant of Eros is also back in all Faction Hubs. Situated by the Lucky Coin vendors of a Faction Hub, the Merchant of Eros sells up to two Satchels of Amorous Delight per day to a player for either Pax Romana or Black Bullion. In addition, he offers unique recolors of items found in the Satchel for Lucky Coins.

We now have a Valentine’s Day Event Guide! Take a look here for further information on the Event!

Check out the official news post concerning the plague of Valentine’s Day here!

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