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Valentine’s Day Spreads Once More

Posted by Vomher on February 15, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on February 27, 2017
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No, really–there’s something in the air.  Unknown agents have been discovered to have contaminated clear sectors, causing unstable reactions known only as ‘emotions’.  Of the amorous kind.

Our top officials are investigating this phenomenon; beware of an overload of symptoms, including:

• Corsages and jewelry
• Valentine’s bears
• St. Valentine’s scooter
• Satchel of Amorous Delights
• Bag of Saint Valentinus

Valentine’s Day has once more hit the Secret World by surprise. The plague of love is spreading. From 14 February 2017 to the end of the month, you can taste some toxic love as the disease begins its infestation and infiltrates the hearts of all.

During this time, a number of exclusive items are available from the Item Store.

Included in the sales are wedding and engagement rings, corsages, event bags, and stuffed bears to give your beloved.

New this year is the Heart Pajamas, white set, which gives a player both a hooded and non-hooded version of white pajamas with red hearts all over them.

You can also claim up to 5 free Heart pendant, silver from the Item Store per account, which can then be traded to another player at your whim. These pendants were added before the Gifting functionality and are thus found in the normal portion of the Item Store.

There are two items only available through Gifting during this event. The Love Bird pet is once more available to give, and there is now a set of black heart pajamas to dole out. They are not visible in the Item Store outside of the Gift interface.

The Merchant of Eros is also back in all Faction Hubs. Situated by the Lucky Coin vendors of a Faction Hub, the Merchant of Eros sells up to two Satchels of Amorous Delight per day to a player for either Pax Romana or Black Bullion. In addition, he offers unique recolors of items found in the Satchel for Lucky Coins.

We now have a Valentine’s Day Event Guide! Take a look here for further information on the Event!

Check out the official news post concerning the plague of Valentine’s Day here!

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A New Challenge Approaches – New Limited-Time Challenge

Posted by Vomher on February 14, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on February 14, 2017
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A new challenge approaches! Starting today, you have through March 19th to complete 35 challenges to earn a sick-nasty pair of Gravity Skates!  You can track your progress on this limited-time challenge from the challenge window in the game.  Get cracking!

A new Limited-Time Challenge is available in The Secret World! From now until March 19th 2017, you will receive the Gravity Skates upon completing 35 challenges!

This challenge requires a minimum of one challenge completed every day, with at one day of two challenges or more. It can be completed in just a week at five challenges per day or even sooner if you really get into those challenges! These skates will shed light on things as you discover your need to go fast.

See the official post on the Limited-Time Challenge event here.


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Extra Life 2016

Posted by Vomher on January 28, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on January 28, 2017
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Extra Life is an annual fundraising gaming event for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every dollar donated goes toward helping children live to a better tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you, $1,226.00 was raised through Team TSWDB!

Every donation made through TSWDB placed a donor into a variety of giveaway raffles for clothing, pets, signets, augments, and a heroic quality sprint.

We are happy to announce the following winners of our incentive raffles!

  • Raztec has won the Police Motor Unit!
  • IwoJima has won the Epic Event Clothing Bundle!
  • Insein has won the full-body, full color commission by Kuro-Hebi!
  • Hestian and Okami-Oni have each won one full-body, flat color commission by Kuro-Hebi!
  • Btyrr has won the Epic Signet and Attuned Augment Bundle!
  • arawns has won the Rare Signet and Attuned Augment Bundle!

The art commission winners have already been contacted by Kuro-Hebi.

Each person to donate over 10$ or 20$ also received a random uncommon or rare event pet respectively.

Please check your in-game mail for the prizes!

The rewards will be mailed out throughout the week, so keep checking. If you donated the minimum to be rewarded a pet but received none by Saturday, January 28th, please contact us through Twitter.

If you donated to the Team in any way or participated as a member and did not receive the Extra Life t-shirt for 2016, please contact us as soon as possible!

Special thanks go out to Insein for donating the epic attuned augments, Aeryl for donating epic and rare signets, and Kuro-Hebi for donating their artwork and time! All remaining prizes were provided by Vomher.

I wish to personally thank everyone who participated in Extra Life 2016. No matter how much you donated or to whom you donated, you helped save lives.

You are all heroes.

Thank you.

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Krampusnacht Returns!

Posted by Vomher on December 13, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on December 28, 2016
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‘Tis the season, agents!  Through January 3rd, Krampusnacht comes to The Secret World with new festive flair!

Agartha is dressed up as a winter wonderland, and you’ll be able to jump into a new Snowball Fight minigame with your friends!  New achievements and a new emote await for those who want to get in on the fun!

The Winter Holidays are here! Krampus has returned once more, bringing with him the Winter Holiday events of prior years!

Krampus has brought a new Item Store Event Bag, St. Nick’s Rucksack and the Festive Grab Bag, which is full of goodies for festive cheer! St. Nick’s Rucksack and its contents are being added to the site throughout the event!

Included in the Rucksack is a Pile of Snowballs, which initiates a whole new minigame: Snowball Fights!

In the spirit of the season, Agartha is covered in snow, with large decorative trees on the World Tree itself.

For more information on the new or returning holiday content, see our Winter Holidays guide here!

Alongside Krampusnacht comes the thirteenth wing to the Museum of the Occult. The Curios and Oddities wing is now open and available. Filled with Seasonal exhibits, the new wing ties in to the Winter Holidays with Krampus and Hel pedestals and rewards.

In addition, the End of Days content also rewards new Heroic level pedestal upgrade items.

More detail concerning the Museum of the Occult is at our comprehensive Museum of the Occult Master Guide!

The Winter Holidays event runs from December 13th 2016 to January 3rd 2017.

The official announcement for Krampusnacht’s Return can be found here on!

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Retro Returns and the Challenge of Doom

Posted by Vomher on August 24, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on August 24, 2016
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A new limited-time event and retro clothing bag has arrived alongside patch 1.15.8!

Announced in a special sneak-peak in lieu of a Livestream, the Retro Bag hits the Item Store 24 August 2016 in addition to a special event.

From 24 August 2016 to 21 September 2016, players have the chance to complete 70 challenges as part of a Limited-Time Challenge for a special hellish hoverboard – the DOOMBOARD!

This special challenge can only be completed during that time frame, and must be done on a single character. Challenge completions on multiple characters do not count toward the total 70, so be sure to keep track of a single character’s challenges!

A minimum of 3 challenges per day is required to get the doomboard at the end of the 28 days.

The DOOMBOARD will rain DOOM upon you for all eternity as an account-wide unlock! Once 70 challenges have been reached on a single character, the Dooomboard will be rewarded to all current and future characters on an account.

You can also now alter your sprint speed in the sprint UI, perfect for playing with newer characters or completing those pesky jumps in Cost of Magic.

The Retro Bag collection is coming soon to TSWDB! Check back often for new additions!

Take a look at the Official Patch Notes for further information as well as changes included with the update!

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