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Posted by Chaosetor on October 11, 2014
Last updated by Chaosetor on October 11, 2014

Carpathian Fangs


The Palace Below








Queen of the Vampires

Known Associates

Vlad Dracula, Callisto, Lilith

Involved In

Type Mortal Sins


Prior to becoming the queen of the vampires, Mara was a human being. She was also the lover of the legendary Vlad Dracula. She was Dracula's Achilles heel, and after being influenced by Lilith, she seduced Vlad's best friend and most trusted companion, Callisto.

She was then turned into a vampire, and her former lover, Vlad, did not have the will to destroy her, and so she was cast out. Knowing that Mara would one day return, Dracula ensured that he too would be able to return one last time when Mara did.

Many years after Dracula's death, Mara assisted the Red Hand in creating vampire hybrid soldiers by providing the Red Hand's Facility-10, also known as the Slaughterhouse, with fresh and able vampire specimen. The Red Hand used these specimen to experiment on the vampire condition, and to create super soldiers which were meant to be used in conventional warfare. This project would never be completed. Despite this, Mara was still able to gather an army of the hybrid vampire soldiers.

In recent time, Mara returned to Transylvania, again alongside Lilith. Here she has launched a vampire crusade against several locations in the area, with the intention of conquering the region. This crusade brought with it the attention of the Drăculești who under their current leader, Milosh, have returned to the region to respond to the threat.

Mara then initiated a hostile takeover of the Orochi encampment in the Carpathian Fangs and the surrounding area, this was a success, and the Orichi were forced to evacuate the area around the Breach. She then continued Orochi's work inside the breach, by demanding that the vampire hybrids dig deeper, most likely by orders of Lilith herself.

While in her sanctum in the Palace Below, Mara was visited by Callisto, alongside a secret worlder. The two would challenge Mara, and confident she could not be defeated by such lesser beings, she accepted. The duo was unable to kill Mara, but they had been able to gather the pieces that would allow Vlad Dracula to return. He appeared in front of Mara, and after a short conversation between the two, he was able to restore Mara to her former, human, self for a brief moment. She then believed the events that had transpired over the past centuries to have been a dream. Dracula reluctantly stabbed her, and the two are seen perishing together.

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