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Posted by Chaosetor on November 2, 2014
Last updated by Chaosetor on November 2, 2014



Tokyo Subway






The Council of Venice


Occult Investigator

Known Associates

Rose White, Alex McCall, Zuberi, Mei-Ling, Arturo Castiglione


Sarah is the protégé of Arturo Castiglione. While working for the council she has been both an agent and an occult investigator. After the bomb went off in Tokyo, she went missing, leading Arturo to presume she was dead. Despite this, it is Sarah's memory that is re-lived during the Tokyo Flashback. It is here revealed that Sarah knows Rose White, Alex McCall, Mei-Ling and Zuberi from before the flashback. Sometime after the bomb has gone off in Tokyo, Arturo is made aware of Sarah's survival, and urges the player to look for her in Tokyo.

When encountering Sarah in person, she seems to be but a shadow of her former self. Throughout the subway there are pages torn from Sarah's diary, describing how she now acts as a psychic conduit for other people. This means that others constantly trample through her mind and her memory of the Tokyo incident every hour of every day. This is exhausting for Sarah, and it has taken its strain on her. Despite this, Sarah assists the player through the subway system, but chooses to stay behind, as she also recognises the importance of the task she now has.

Prior to the Tokyo incident, Sarah was an Egyptian girl who lived on the streets of Cairo. She began smuggling books for the black market, but since she had a thirst for knowledge, she often read them first. She was at some point hunted down by Illuminati headhunters, and convinced to join them in New York. This is where she met Alex, while they were banishing the ghost of an Albino sewer gator. She also introduced Alex to Rose and Mei-Ling, suggesting that Sarah knew them from before she met Alex. After some time Sarah decided to join the Council of Venice because of her thirst for knowledge and thus the massive collection of occult books the council possesses appealed to her.

Sarah is shown to be proficient with a shotgun as well as with chaos magic in the game. In addition to this, she is also familiar with the Orochi Group's AEGIS system, as she is able to take down AEGIS shields, meaning that she somehow got her hands on a set of AEGIS controllers.

During her short periods of lucidity, Sarah expresses a concern for Arturo, as well as for Rose, Mei-Ling, Alex and Zuberi. She also indicates that she was able to recognise the player from when the player went through her memories, remarking that it is much less damaging to have the player there in person instead of ravaging through her mind.

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