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Winston Smith

Posted by Chaosetor on November 3, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on November 3, 2014

Carpathian Fangs








The Orochi Group


High-Level Orochi Agent

Known Associates

Julia Smith


Winston Smith is a high-level Orochi operative. As part of his cover while residing in the Carpathian Fangs, he posed as the husband of Julia Smith who is another Orochi operative. Winston is involved in the project known as the Prometheus Initiative.

Winston and Julia act as the handlers for Emma Smith, who poses as their daughter as part of their cover. Prior to relocating to the Carpathian Fangs, the Smiths observed Emma in the Vali facility in London known as Amity House. It was here they were first made aware of her abilities.

Shortly after their visit to London, the Smiths relocated to Transylvania, where they supervised Emma while she assisted the Orochi in digging deeper into the breach. It was during this endeavour that Mara and her vampire army attacked, which in turn forced the Smiths to flee the original encampment.

The Smiths then took Emma to a local cabin, which was protected by the best protection Orochi facilities can manufacture. Despite this, the cabin was at some point compromised, and the Smiths went missing. Their isolation did, however, not stop them from reporting regularly to a mysterious superior through recorded video logs, which were left behind when they went missing.

It is evident in these logs that Winston was more caring towards Emma than Julia was. This can be seen by his refusal to refer to Emma as a mere subject, and by his reluctance to expose her to inhuman experiments, whereas Julia likely saw Emma as a means to an end rather than an actual person.

During their stay in the cabin, the Smiths explored Zana springs in order to gather samples of the pure filth that exists there. During this expedition, Winston, Julia and presumably Emma were all exposed to the filth. This lead Julia to become very ill, and even though Winston seems to be more functional, he too can be seen showing signs of corruption in their final recording. Emma, however, seems to be unaffected by the filth. Winston therefore believes that Emma is the key to finding a cure for himself and for Julia. It is, however, unknown if he attempted to use her to find a cure, and if he did, whether or not he succeeded.

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