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Appeasing the Flame

Posted by Vomher on April 5, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on October 14, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Moutemouia (830,250) XP299 200 PAX15 000  BB18
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This mission follows Digging Too Deep and is followed by Fight For Your Rites.

Tier 1

Objective: Search the nearby Hell incursion for Jinn activity

Travel into the Hollow just south of Moutemouia. A Jinn Reliquarian meanders about. A jinn is definitely Jinn activity. Click on him.


Objective: Defeat the Jinn Reliquarian

Destroy the wandering Reliquarian.


Objective: Examine the dropped note

Where the defeated jinn once was sits a note for 30 seconds.



Objective: Search the area for a ring

Scattered throughout The Hollow are various Partially Buried Objects. Use them until the ring is found.


Objective: Pick up the ring

Eventually, an antiquated ring can be found within one of the multitudes of buried objects.


Pick up the magical, mysterious jinn ring that you sifted through hellish pots for.


Tier 2

Objective: Go to the next location marked on your map

The map oh so helpfully shows the next location – the area west of the Citadel in Shi-Netjer

Go there (650,305).


Objective: Search for the ring

Move into the locust-infested area proper. Near some hives are scattered dead demons surrounding a suspicious pile of sand (655,370).


Objective: Dig in the sand

Sift through the demon-laden sand mound.


Objective: Defend yourself

Prodding the sand was a very poor idea, as it has disturbed the locust hives.

Angry locusts burst forth.


Following the five immature marrowplagues and two marrowplague soldiers is a much larger, deadlier, bluer locust – the Marrowplague Hive Builder, who is very angry that the hive it was working on has been perturbed.


The Hive Builder is defended from attacks at a particular side of it. Which side is defended rotates, but can be determined by the very large magical shield hovering over the side.


Objective: Dig in the sand

Safe from locusts for the time being, resume putting your hands in dirt.


Objective: Pick up the ring

The dirt the demons were so interested in did indeed have a ring. This one glows a majestic blue. Take it. Take it for yourself.



Tier 3

Objective: Go to the next location marked on the map

The third location awaits you: a winding cliff face to the northeast of Shi-Netjer.

Access to this cliff can be reached by a small ramp right beside the Gauntlet (775,615).


A horde of rakshasa and ghouls are locked in battle. Ignore them and move forward (805,625).

Objective: Search for the ring

More sand mounds litter the area along with various scavenging ghouls.


Farther in beyond a circle of ghouls is the lifeless pile of interest (895,590), which yields a very yellow ring.

Objective: Pick up the ring

Take the glowing antiquated ring.



Tier 4

Objective: Go to the final location marked on the map

Proceed farther up the mountain trail until reaching an Ancient Temple Door (960,585) surrounded by meandering sand golems.



Enter the door to enter the ancient temple and final location.


Upon entering, three Rakshasa stand at the opposite side of the temple. The middle rakshasa, however, is far from patient, and incinerates its brethren. Clicking on this fiery fiend will register your location as the final one.


Objective: Kill the Flamebreath Rakshasa

Kill the beast of betrayal.


The Flamebreath Rakshasa has a number of abilities that prevent it from being killed too easily. Some kiting may be required, especially if it uses Rakshasa Rage. Otherwise, avoid Flame Breath by moving away or to the sides and keep some distance as to not step in the Flame Trail.

Flamebreath Rakshasa Mechanics

Flame Breath: The Flamebreath breathes fire in front of it in a cone.

Flame Trail: For 5 seconds, the Flamebreath leaves a trail fire where it moves.

Rakshasa Rage: For 5 seconds, the Flamebreath slows but is much stronger. Run!


Objective: Retrieve the ring from the Rakshasa’s corpse

Upon death, the Flamebreath’s head will glow fiery bright, despite no longer breathing fire. Pluck from the demon’s corpse the source of its flame breath – the Ifrit Ring of Fire



Objective: Assemble the rings

Place all four rings in the assembly window.

The achievement Lord of the Ring can be accomplished by placing the rings in the proper order when assembling them together and then bringing it to Amir: Air, Earth, Water, Fire top to bottom in a line. The correct ring will be of Epic quality.

The resulting Band of Solomon’s Dominion depends on the order in which the rings were placed in assembly. While it will always form the Band, the quality of the band will only be visible after crafting.

The four rings assembled in the order for Lord of the Ring: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

The four rings assembled in the order for Lord of the Ring: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.


It is possible to disassemble the Band of Solomon’s Dominion back to its constituent parts in order to remake it to your liking.

Objective: Deliver the combined ring to Amir

Take the ring to the prideful jinn as tribute (985,690). Go up the northern entrance of the ancient temple to easily reach Amir.


Amir will become infuriated upon being approached by a monkey.

Objective: Survive Amir’s response

Enraged at the proffered ring, Amir will char the tribute and the hand offering it, sending the ring flying in the process. This will occur over 30 seconds.

Amir: Bribery? O wretched child of the dirt, you offer the insult of briber to a scion of the Smokeless Flame? This petty bauble is made even more repugnant by your monkey’s touch. Remove your shabby self from my sight. My only currency is suffering. The suffering of the Atenist cult.


If the proper ring was produced, it can be retrieve beside a pillar (970,680).


Tier 5

Objective: Search for Atenists

Amir will only accept tribute in the form of pain for the Atenist cult.

Approach Hell Fallen and its surrounding areas north of Bab-el Monzarin. A small group of cultists can be found in a corner of the jagged rocks (910,940).


Objective: Subdue the Atenists

Kill the vile Vessel of Aten’s Dreams preaching to the cult. He is surrounded by the Faith Shield, which makes him immune to damage until the initiates around him are destroyed.


Objective: Capture the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Defeated and subdued, the Vessel awaits his punishment.


Objective: Chase down the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Using the moment of mercy to his advantage, the Vessel knocks his captor away and makes chase until reaching a small, narrow pass (960,885).


Objective: Subdue the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Beat the Vessel into submission, for he will not take capture standing down.


Objective: Capture the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Take the Vessel once more. This time, there is no resistance.


Objective: Escort the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams to Amir

Magically restrained, the Vessel puts up no fight for the time being.



Objective: Defend the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams from the mummies

Being but a man, the Vessel is easy pickings for the mummies patrolling the path. Partway through (960,860), they ambush the Vessel. Destroy the mummies so Amir will have a plaything at the end of this.


Objective: Escort the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams to Amir

With mummies dealt with, move onward with the captive.

Objective: Chase down the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Closer to Amir (980,770), the Vessel throws another Cheap Shot and makes haste to escape. Chase him down to an open temple area (940,785).


Objective: Subdue the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Still relentlessly trying to escape, the Vessel must once more be beaten to submission.


Objective: Capture the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams

Bind the Vessel once more. He cowers now in fear.



Objective: Escort the Vessel of Aten’s Dreams to Amir

Cowering and trembling, the Vessel will make no further objections as he is taken for kindling to Amir (970,695).


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