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Digging Too Deep

Posted by Vomher on April 3, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on October 14, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Moutemouia (830,250) XP398 950 PAX20 000  BB18
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This mission follows The Angry Earth and is followed by Appeasing the Flame.

Tier 1

Objective: Exit the monument

Leave the monument of Moutemouia.


Objective: Follow the courier

As soon as you leave the monument, a cultist courier dashes by and knocks you over. Make haste! You have 1:30 minutes for the chase.


The courier makes a run down Shi-Netjer, hiding behind two guards at the base of the ramp.(675,265).


Objective: Kill cultists

Objective: Destroy supplies

Kill seven of the Atenists.


Destroy three bundles of the cultists’ supplies. Crates of dynamite can be found scattered about the cultists’ camp. Destroy them to decimate the supplies.


Objective: Kill Atenist zealot

Head up the hill, where the Atenist Zealot schemes behind a desk in the middle of the open desert (670,325) alongside a Cultist Bomber.

Kill her.


Objective: Examine the cultists’ map

On the table of devious schemes lays a map free for the taking.



Tier 2

Objective: Follow the dynamite delivery path to the main camp

Trace the map’s path to the camp (860,330). Once there, the camp’s dynamite stockpile will explode as ghouls ambush the cultists.


Objective: Clear up the ambushed cultists

Kill the remaining cultists in the camp.

The Advocate of Aten will continually throw grenades and incendiaries on the ground until death. Take him out fast.


Objective: Hold off the ghouls

Clearing the camp does not stop the ghoulish onslaught. Two waves of Pnathian Worker ghouls continue the ambush. Kill them and survive.


Following those waves are two Pnathian Slavedrivers.

Finally, the Soul Biter comes to finish the job. Kill it and be done with the ghouls.


Tier 3

Objective: Follow the rest of the delivery trail

Following the remainder of the trail leads to a large cave surrounded by and infested with ghouls (900,425). A lonely crate burns outside.


Objective: Investigate the ghoul caves

Make your way past the ghoul brute at the entrance to the rest of the cave system (915,430).


Objective: Destroy the stolen supplies

Objective: Clear the cave of ghouls

The stolen supplies have been hoarded into the farther of the two rooms of the cave (940,425). Ghouls ravenously fish through the supplies.


Kill the ghouls scavenging the front of the cave as well as those gorging themselves on the supplies.


Tier 4

Objective: Enter the cultist excavation

Go back to the entrance of the cave and take a left instead of right to reach the excavation (905,445).


Objective: Proceed deeper into the excavation

Trek inward to the chaos of the skirmish proceeding within the excavation site. At the very end is a small crevice leading farther in (920,460).


Objective: Destroy supplies

Objective: Kill cultists

Destroy three more supplies through liberal detonation of dynamite.


Kill any eight of the foul cultists pilfering the caves.


Tier 5

Objective: Disrupt the operation

Delve deeper into the cave (955,505) to the main site of the cultist mining operations. A large tent sits in the center, from which a very important cultist emerges.


Overseer Kamuzu (975,495) appears after the surrounding cultists have been dealt with. Without the overseer, the operations will crumble in disorganization. Kill him.


Objective: Examine Kamuzu’s journal

At the feet of the overseer lays a journal.


Look through it.


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