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The Gatekeeper

Posted by Vomher on July 3, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on July 6, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha The Gatekeeper (200,240) XP239 260 PAX20 000
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The Gatekeeper is a 40-man Open Raid available in Deep Agartha during the Anniversary Event.

Summoning the Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper must be summoned in order to fight him in any fashion. To do so, one must use special items within the Deep Agartha instance found opposite of the New York portal (470,405).


In order to summon The Gatekeeper, ten Shards must be used within Deep Agartha. Each Shard drops from a Genizah for Guardians or The Patchwork Horror, with a respective Shard for its respective Guardian.

Shards are unique and are an additional roll in a Genizah’s loot. It is not possible to get different Shards from the same Guardian.

Required Shards

  • Aberrant Shard from Genizah of the Frozen Truth in the Carpathian Fangs
  • Agitated Shard from Genizah of the Liquid Fire in the Scorched Desert
  • Crazed Shard from Genizah of the Living Clay in Kingsmouth
  • Destructive Shard from Genizah of the Flowing Stone in the Blue Mountains
  • Irate Shard from The Patchwork Horror in Kaidan
  • Furious Shard from Genizah of the Unforgiving Sands in the City of the Sun God
  • Frenzied Shard from Genizah of the Crawling Plague in the Shadowy Forest
  • Frenetic Shard from Genizah of the Lunar Metal in Fusang Projects
  • Roiling Shard from Genizah of the Raging Torrent in the Savage Coast
  • Ruinous Shard from Genizah of the Elder Forest in the Besieged Farmlands

Once in the darkened Deep Agartha, all ten Shards are necessary to complete the ritual.

Upon using a Shard by the middle of the platform, a vestige of the Shard‘s Guardian will dutifully run to its place in the circle. Position does not matter for the strange golem ritual dance that will occur.

A player can use multiple Shards toward a summon, but no Shard is consumed unless the Gatekeeper is summoned. Until then, they will remain in your inventory.


Once all ten Shards are out, they begin an unusual dance fueled by their anger. Once complete, the Gatekeeper appears, only for the Gatekeeper to be knocked down by an offending Shard.


From there, the Gatekeeper absorbs their fury and the fight will commence. Be prepared.

Using one of the Shards for a ritual will reward the achievement “Angry Feet” when the Gatekeeper has been summoned.

The Gatekeeper mission is awarded to any player who enters the Deep Agartha encounter arena while the Gatekeeper is alive and summoned.

General Chat

It is advised that the General Chat be employed during a Gatekeeper attempt as to facilitate communication, as many people maintain solo-status or exist in smaller groupings. The Gatekeeper is most effectively accomplished when communication is employed.

Participate in the fight against the Gatekeeper

This objective will remain active until the player deals a certain amount of damage to the Gatekeeper. Failure to participate will result in the mission remaining incomplete and no rewards being offered.

Defeat the Gatekeeper

Defeating the Gatekeeper takes a good grasp on the mechanics of the fight to ensure victory. If one does not participate in much of the fight during this phase or transition to the Defeat objective before the Gatekeeper hits half health, a Gold rating for this mission may not be achieved. Instead, Silver or Bronze may be awarded.


Due to the Open Raid format of this encounter as well as the great amount of AoE littering the platform, death is common. A Custodian of Whatsits sits by the Anima Well in Deep Agartha (210,150). This special Custodian sells tacos in stacks of 1, 10, and 50 and allows for gear repair.


Abilities and Mechanics

The Gatekeeper

15344449 HP

Immune to CC

The Gatekeeper is immune to Crowd Control abilities and effects.

Anima Deviation

Abilities susceptible to Anima Deviation with cause additional damage to the Gatekeeper instead of causing Crowd Control effects to hinder, root, or impair his Goldenness.

Burning Light

In its fury, the Gatekeeper summons a trail of burning light. Burning Light is a column attack focused on a single person. While it is being cast, it will follow its target. To that end, the trail of Burning Light can be positioned. It is best not to drag the trail on top of a majority of the raid or the Custodian groups.


Incandescent Salvo

Filled with rage, the Gatekeeper assaults the arena with a flurry of fire. This GTAoE does immense damage and it would be best to avoid it at all costs. These will persist on the ground for some time.


Ultraviolet Translocation

The Gatekeeper stuns the main tank for 5 seconds and translocates them to the Anima Well.

Two tanks are required due to Ultraviolet Translocation. When one tank is translocated, the other must maintain aggro, acting as the main tank until another translocation occurs and the tanks once more swap.

Anima Overload

Overwhelming with Anima, the Gatekeeper spreads it to every member of the raid. Each player will get one of two debuffs: Anima Torrent or Overcharged Anima for 20 seconds. When this happens, two pools of anima will appear on the Gatekeeper’s platform, each corresponding to one of two buffs. If either Anima Torrent or Overcharged Anima is not cleansed, it will take ~75% of a player’s health.

These abilities provide drastic damage boosts during their duration; however, unless cleansed, they cause devastating damage. It is possible to keep the debuff until it is close to expiration, but it is a dangerous juggling act.

Cleanse the ability in the pool as soon as possible should you not wish to attempt maximizing output with the buff for any reason.

The raid will often take significant damage when Anima Overload‘s buffs have reached the end of their timer. Keep watch on the tanks in particular during this time.

Anima Torrent

Your resource building abilities grants one extra resource. Increases your movement speed by 10%.

If not removed, will damage you for a majority of your health. Cannot be cleansed through normal means.

If you have Anima Torrent as your debuff, the world will acquire a red tint to it with a darker border. Anima will spark around your body.

The Anima Torrent cleansing pool is a dark orange circle. It will always be found across or at least adjacent to the Overcharged Anima cleansing pool.


Overcharged Anima

Increases your damage output and your movement speed by 10%

If not removed, will damage you for a majority of your health. Cannot be cleansed through normal means.

If you have Overcharged Anima as your debuff, the world will acquire a dark gray tint to it with a darker border. Anima will glow around your body.

The Overcharged Anima cleansing pool is a bright white circle. It will always be found across or at least adjacent to the Anima Torrent cleansing pool.




164954 HP

Branching from the main platform of Deep Agartha are three portals, which Custodians periodically emerge from throughout the encounter.

Custodians will walk down their respective branches until they reach the Gatekeeper. Damaging a Custodian will put it to sleep for a short time. They are invulnerable while asleep.

Ultimately, the Custodians must be destroyed. It is recommended that five players per branch, preferably DPS, wait on each branch to burn the Custodian as soon as it awakens. These branch groups should not wander far from their branch, if at all, lest the Custodians gain farther ground.

Do not let them reach the Gatekeeper at all costs.


Anima Transfer Protocol

When a Custodian has reached the Gatekeeper, it will begin to cast Anima Transfer Protocol.

This ability will heal the Gatekeeper to full health. As such, it is of immense priority that the Custodians be killed before they can reach the Gatekeeper.

Should any Custodians reach close to the Gatekeeper, Custodians take priority over the Gatekeeper. All DPS must attack the Custodians if they get to that point to ensure there is no chance of the Protocol‘s completion.

Defeat Rewards

Depending on the participation rating, the Gatekeeper either awards Spoils of the Hollowed Earth, Guardian of Gaia Spoils – Silver, or Guardian of Gaia Spoils – Bronze.

Defeating the Gatekeeper will reward the achievement “Gate Crasher”, which also gives the Gatecrasher title.

Gold Reward

Completing The Gatekeeper with a Gold Rating rewards Spoils of the Hollowed Earth, which can award any of the pets from the previous Anniversary bosses as well as its own unique clothing and pet. The Gatekeeper has a tendency to drop upgrade toolkits.

Spoils of the Hollowed Earth

  • Third Core Capacitor
  • Supernal Diode
  • Astral Fuse
  • Criterion Upgrade
  • Honeycomb t-shirt, faction colored
  • Infused dress pants, faction colored
  • Infused dress shoes, faction colored
  • Infused fingerless bracers, faction colored
  • Infused open jacket, faction colored
  • Superior custom talisman upgrade toolkit
  • Superior custom weapon upgrade toolkit
  • Supernal custom talisman upgrade toolkit
  • Supernal custom weapon upgrade toolkit
  • Signet Reward Bag
  • Shem of the Seething Sliver
  • Shem of the Crawling Plague
  • Shem of the Elder Forest
  • Shem of the Flowing Stone
  • Shem of the Frozen Truth
  • Shem of the Liquid Fire
  • Shem of the Living Clay
  • Shem of the Lunar Metal
  • Shem of the Raging Torrent
  • Shem of the Unforgiving Sand
  • Patchwork Mech-Man
  • Signet Reward Bag
  • 4 Marks of the Pantheon
  • 30 Black Bullion

If a player already has a particular pet or clothing piece from the bag, they will instead receive a Signet Reward Bag in its place when it is rolled.


Silver Reward

A Silver participation rating will reward Guardian of Gaia Spoils – Silver. This bag contains all rewards one may find in a Genizah, but is generic among all Anniversary Encounters. As such, boss-specific pets, shards, and clothing do not drop.


Bronze Reward

A Bronze participation rating will reward Guardian of Gaia Spoils – Bronze. This bag contains all rewards one may find in a Genizah, but is generic among all Anniversary Encounters. As such, boss-specific pets, shards, and clothing do not drop.


For a list of all rewards for the generic Guardian of Gaia Spoils loot table, see our comprehensive Anniversary event guide!


When the Gatekeeper has been defeated, the Shards previously merged with him run amok around the platform. Kill them for a chance to receive a stack of 20 of a consumable item.


  • Amalgamated Assault Automaton – Summons a tech golem that will commit aggravated assault on nearby pets. While this effect is on cooldown, you cannot have a social pet. 120 second cooldown.
  • Essence of the Crawling Plague – Grants an effect that causes your attacks to damage enemies for 0.2% of their maximum hit points for 3 seconds. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Elder Forest – Grants an effect that causes you to have a 10% chance to deal 30 physical damage back to your attacker. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Flowing Stone – Grants an effect that reduces all damage received by 2%, reduces jump height, and reduces movement speed by 10%. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Frozen Truth – Grants an effect that causes you to have a 5% chance to root an enemy to the ground for 4 seconds whenever you hit. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Living Clay – Grants an effect that causes you to have a 10% chance to snare an enemy for 4 seconds whenever you hit. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Liquid Fire – Grants an effect that increases the damage you deal by 2% for 4 seconds whenever you hit a target and causes you to have a 10% chance to give all group members the same beneficial effect. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Lunar Metal – Grants an effect that heals 1% of damage dealt. This effect lasts 30 minutes.
  • Essence of the Raging Torrent – Cleanses 3 detrimental effects.
  • Essence of the Unforgiving Sand – Reduces the recharge time of all abilities currently recharging by 10 seconds.
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