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The Meowling

Posted by Vomher on October 30, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on October 26, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Madame Rogêt (290,335) XP320 100 PAX20 000
More Less Jump to:
This mission can only be done once per year.


This mission is followed by Crossing the Black Path.

Tier 1

Objective: Meet with Madame Rogêt

You will receive this mission upon logging in for the first time during the Halloween event. If not accepted, it can be retrieved at Madame Rogêt.

Make way to the Raven’s Knock in Kingsmouth. As soon as you enter the room (285,325), a cutscene will trigger.


Tier 2

Objective: Inspect the photo of Andy’s kittens

The photo is sitting on the table in front of Madame Rogêt.


Objective: Inspect the collar of one of Madame Rogêt’s cats

This too is on the table.

Objective: Find where Madame Rogêt’s cats are digging in Kingsmouth

As you leave the Raven’s Knock, Madame Rogêt will give you a few parting words.

Madame Rogêt: I always kept them outside. They did…cat things – rummaging, scratching, digging up flowers. They never bothered anyone. Certainly didn’t bother me. Now…I see them digging things up, but it’s not flowers. It’s definitely now flowers.

These cats certainly aren’t pushing any daisies anymore. What else could they possibly be digging up that worries her so?

Bast, Sehkmet, and Maahes are in the graveyard doing some gravedigging (300,505). Nearing the cats will update the mission.
Samhain 2012 #4 sits on top of the exhumed corpse.

Objective: Find and destroy whatever’s been haunting Andy

Madame Rogêt calls again.

Madame Rogêt: I haven’t been totally honest with Andy.  I mean, I’ve left things out. About his kittens…Look, everyone knows they didn’t go quietly.  Well, they’re not coming back quietly either.

It seems the kittens are haunting Andy in more than memory.

You can go to Andy and talk to him about his kittens.

The poor kittens were drowned. Make way to the water. 
Behind Jack & Wendy’s Breakfast (680,430) Ponch, Dolly, and Friday will rise from the waves to attack.
Samhain 2012 Lore #5 is behind the Bed & Breakfast near where the cats come out.

Tier 3

Objective: Find the group of thirteen cats on Solomon Island

Madame Rogêt calls once more to remind you of the thirteen cats tied by their tongues.

Madame Rogêt: “The thirteen are tied by their tongues.” I keep hearing those words. Can you do anything with that?

Thirteen cats have been tongue-tied.

Luckily, there is just the place to find copious amounts of cats.

Head over to the Mrs. Franklin’s lonely abode (855,310).



Tier 4

Objective: Search the mansion ground for the rest of the thirteen

Not all thirteen cats are in the Mansion. Make way to the back of the house and the rest of the cats can be seen clawing at the crypt (860,220). Alas, the crypt requires a key.


Objective: Search the mansion for a clue to the location of the crypt key

Head back inside the lavish home and begin your search.

Oddly, a painting named Redemption right by Eleanor’s living room can be prodded.



Using it opens a secret passageway filled with objects galore.



Pick up the fallen book.


The picture and caption do not match. The picture is an old version from TestLive and is no longer able to provide a relevant clue. 

Objective:  Find the Devore Crypt Key

When the book was prodded, Madame Rogêt made another call. It must have been on speakerphone.

Madame Rogêt: Elena Zhelikovsky paved the way in this town for my line of work. I used to tell people I was her granddaughter. Whatever sells the magic snowglobes, right? Her spirit’s always been real chatty…maybe she knows something we don’t.

Remember what the blueprint said.

“The Seven Sisters keep her safe, now and in the year of her death.”

The Seven Sisters are the Pleiades. It just so happens that Eleanor Franklin has a painting of seven sisters upstairs.



Using the painting reveals the need for a code.

The Pleiades keep her safe in the year of her death.

Elena Zhelikovsky is mentioned in the Franklin Mansion lore #7.
The code is 1957, the year of her death.

Objective:  Explore Devore Crypt

Return to the crypt enter its hollowed halls.

Once inside, a vicious feline foe named Incognito will strike. He dashes off at his defeat.


Keep onward to the heart of the crypt.


Objective:  Uncover what the spirit has to say

Around the crypt are various books, and the ghost heads to every one of them. Begin to go through them until you find the right one.


The mission will complete once the correct book is taken.

Samhain 2012 Lore #2 is in the crypt, so be sure to grab it before you leave.


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