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Crossing the Black Path

Posted by Vomher on October 31, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on October 26, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Blue Mountain Madame Rogêt (290,335) XP1 196 820 PAX30 000
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This mission can only be done once per year.


This mission follows The Meowling and is followed by The Cat God.

Tier 1

Objective: Find a way to get Siabhra’s Air

Siabhra’s Air is mentioned in the book found in the Crypt during The Meowling.


The owner of the spellbook wrote a little note to themselves to write to Annapurna for a backorder of Sabhria’s Air.

Annapurna is a shop in Ealdwic, London (150,150). It’s time to cross the sea.



Upon entering the shop, you will find it alarmingly empty. There’s a lovely computer waiting to be used on the counter and not a single employee to deny you.

Unfortunately for the aspiring hacker in you, it requires a password.

Hint: Best olives EVER!

Perhaps they’re a pinch proud. Look around the store.



This will bring you to a menu screen with only two choices.

Go to Blends and you will find Siabhra’s Air, complete with recipe.


The suppliers page lists a number of ingredients, but the recipe isn’t nearly as direct as the supply list.

Freshly picked seeds chewed to destroy fair Boadicea

Boadicea was ‘destroyed’ in that she is believed to have committed suicide by hemlock, which is a fennel.

The computer says fennel can be found in a garden tended to by the Marya. They have stopped responding to the shopkeeper. This garden has been overrun, or corrupted.

There just so happens to be Les Jardins Corrompus, or the Corrupted Gardens, in the City of the Sun God (295,515). They’re tiny flowers near the floor of the dessert and easy to miss.



Capon’s Tail

Capon’s Tail is another name for Valerian.

The shop apparently gets their valerian from a fellow in Bucharest, who in turn gets his supply from Siren’s Lake.

Siren’s Lake is in the Shadowy Forest surrounding the Agartha portal. Valerian grows around the shores.



Maiden’s watcher of the road

Chicory is called is sometimes called the Watcher of the Road from its German name, Wegwarte. It is named after a folktale.

The House of Chalk supplies chicory, so it can easily be purchased down the road (130,160).



Once you have all three reagents as listed in the recipe, it’s time to follow it.

Combine the ingredients in your assembly window. for a lovely handful of Siabhra’s Air.



Tier 2

Objective: Rend the veil at the stone of dawn

Remember what the book said.

We meditate on the holy Stone of Dawn,

Whereon ancient spirits keep,

We inspire Siabhra’s Air,

Tear the veil beyond our sleep,

We, the Sidhe, the mounds of deep.

There’s one place in particular you can go to where there is a holy Stone of Dawn.

Quite a few spirits surround the Stone of Dawn.

The Wabanaki are known as the People of the Dawn. It must be their Stone.

The Wabanaki have a holy burial mound.

Go to the Wabanaki Holy Site in the Blue Mountain (645,620). There is a rip in reality at a mound on the site.



Once close enough, you’ll feel your skin tingle.

You have everything you need now to complete the ritual to rend the veil. Remember the tome’s words.

The book claims that you must first meditate upon the stone and then use Siabhra’s Air.

/pray to the spirits. This will give you the buff “Sacred Dawn” which lasts five minutes and causes you to be attuned with the powers beyond.
Use Siabhra’s Air once you have acquired the Sacred Dawn buff.
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