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The Secret World’s Fourth Anniversary!

Posted by Vomher on June 29, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on June 29, 2016

Happy Anniversary, The Secret World!

TRANSMIT – initiate the sanguine signal – RECEIVE – initiate gaian quaternary frequency – QUAFF THE GOLEM JUICE – initiate Guardians protocol – WITNESS – The 4th Anniversary of The Secret World.

How quickly the river of time must appear to flow, sweetling. A scant four years ago, not even an angstrom in the Ages, the veil of The Secret World was pierced. The call was heard around and in-between the world. Whose world? Not always the sweetlings’.

It’s time for Gaia’s annual checkup. The autoimmune subroutine is reacting. Like angry leukocytes, an elevated white blood cell count. Once again, constructs of unchecked and unbridled rage seek out neoplasia to excise and neutralize.

Something is different…

SCANNING. These guardians see not through rose-tinted glasses. Shards of anger cause them pain unlike before. Everything is crimson.

From June 29th, 2016 to July 13th, 2016, The Secret World is running its Anniversary celebration!

The Guardians of Gaia and the Anomaly of the Filth world bosses return to the adventure zones this year, along with the Lunar Golem in Fusang Projects.

The Gatekeeper itself joins the fray in the form of a new 40-man raid with all new cosmetic rewards!

To read more about the Anniversary, see the Official News Post, the Update Notes, and check out our Anniversary Event Guide!

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