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Posted by Dots on May 18, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on May 18, 2016

Scorched Desert


Marya Encampment (900,310)






The Marya


Marya Special Forces

Known Associates

Saïd, Shani


Despite the hardships of being a member of the Marya and tragedies in his early life - his sister was eaten by a beast from the mountains, his mother was taken by cultists when he was eleven and his father died trying to save her - Nassir retains an infectious joie de vivre. He loves pop culture references, dancing, and blowing things up and he’s not shy about telling everyone just that. His preferred version of reality is a Bollywood movie, complete with happy ending and a musical number. Despite the seriousness of the situation, his joy is a beacon of hope amid the struggles in the Scorched Desert.


They call me Nassir, the boom-boom man. They call me this because I make things go boom, yes? I trained with the Americans. Explosive experts. Special Forces. They teach me everything about bombs, about C4, about how to blow shit up. How to blow shit up on other dimensions. They were special Special Forces. I stay with them for two years learning all the secrets, all the tricks. Before the desert swallowed them. Now I am Special Forces. Marya Special Forces. And I make things go boom-boom.

The Marya

We are Marya, the young warriors - but despite our name, we are not so young. We have been here for many, many, many generations. Our tribe has made an ancient promise to our ancestors, the Sentinels, and it is our duty, our destiny, to protect this valley. From the time of the Black Pharaoh, we have kept his spirit contained. But now he whispers. Now he dreams. And his armies are rising once more. This is the time we have been waiting for, and we must keep our promises... or die trying.

The City of the Sun God

Beyond those mountains is the place where the Black Pharaoh built his city. It has been concealed and protected since his body was entombed in his pyramid. Now he rises again, and this time into a different world. He can do great damage, him and his dark god. It is not a good time for the forces of darkness to grow stronger. So we cannot let this happen. I cannot let this happen. For ancestors in the past, for ancestors in the future.

The secret world

This world is old, older than the Marya. Older than pharaohs and gods, older than the mountains. Older than the sky, even! There is magic always in the world, and people can use this magic for good and for evil. You are of magic, never forget this, and it's important to use this gift for good. The people who do not understand this...they are the reason why we fight.

Memorable Quotes

We go blow the shit out of train!

I like you, but you have a big problem. You are chained to past, scared to start fresh with good people. The Marya are good people. You work more with us and you will stop feeling like asshole.

I'm young, I still believe in victory. I may look like I'm not serious...I am very serious. But if we can no longer have fun, if we cannot take joy in life, they have won. Come, boss! Dance!

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