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Golden Week and Gilded Rage

Posted by Vomher on August 31, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on March 1, 2017
Event Status Event Zone End Date
Active Multiple Zones March 8th

This guide covers multiple events that accompany each other and are triggered at the same time.

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General Information

A Golden Week – or sometimes a Golden Weekend – is a Double Ability Point event accompanied by a gold themed event bag. In addition, special Golden goodies in the Item Store are discounted by 90% or sold solely during the event.

The Gilded Rage event that accompanies it is a periodic event in which Samsu Nasiru, the final Guardian of Gaia, appears repeatedly throughout the world, bringing with it unique rewards and currency.

Join #event chat!

To get the most out of this event, it is highly recommended that you join the #event channel. This can be done by typing one of the following commands depending on client language:

/chat join event
/discussion rejoindre event
/chat beitreten event

Watch out for callouts in that channel! If someone announces that a golem is up, you can teleport to the Anima Well nearest to them by right-clicking their name and selecting Meet up.

Should you wish to make a callout of your own, announce in #event chat your dimension, instance, and zone for which the golem is located. That way, a player can ensure they have reached the right location, especially if the Gatekeeper is still walking when the callout is made. Coordinates of the Gatekeeper may be helpful in that case.

To find your Dimension, press F9. For Dimension and Server, shift+F9 will give the full information. It is advised that server be included if using Dimension in your callout.

If it’s the first time you have joined the #event chat channel, you may also want to subscribe to the channel. Right click the chat window tab and subscribe to #event.

Due to the high activity of the channel during events, it is suggested that you create a custom tab for #event, so that it can easily be found in one place without clogging up your General tab. To do this, click the + sign in the top right corner of your chat window. A list of channels will appear. Clicking on #event will create a tab that you can separate from the main chat window or reorganize as necessary.

Should you use #event in its own solitary tab to save your General tab, it is in that case fine to unsubscribe to the #event channel in the General window. The #event channel will consequently only appear in the desired tab.

Character Boosts

For the duration of the Golden Week, from March 1st to March 8th, a boost will be active on all players.

Double Ability Points: Every Ability Point earned is doubled! This effect stacks with Timed AP Boosters available in the Item Store. It does not work with AP Injectors.

Participation Rating System

There is a ranked participation system introduced with 2016’s Anniversary event to promote participation in boss fights while dissuading frequent AFKing.

Based on a player’s participation in a fight, they achieve a certain rating: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Rating will determine the Pax Romana and XP rewards of a mission, with Gold rewarding the highest amount. Participation is based on how often a player is damaging or healing during an event boss.

In addition, only the Gold rating version of a mission will reward the Gambler’s Marker.

Bronze and Silver only award Genizah of the Solar Metal.

The Gilded Rage

Samsu Nasiru

The Golden Golem Samsu Nasiru will periodically spawn in every Adventure Zone.


The Gatekeeper will walk from the Agartha Portal of a Zone at a leisurely pace until he reaches a summoning location within it. Follow the Gatekeeper to the ultimate location of Samsu Nasiru.




Kingsmouth – Meanders the barren mud golem infested stretch between the scrapyard and the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport (750,760), paths Poe’s Cove (405,195), or walking westward of Journey’s End (600,450).

Savage Coast – Patrols the Atlantic Island Park parking lot (345,635), the beach on the coast of Vinterskog Woods (60,550), or skulks the Innsmouth Academy lacrosse field (290,220).

Blue Mountain – In that rubble of the Abandoned Factory (630,310), found near the water under the Azeban Span (180,350), or above the Orochi Camp (720,930).

Scorched Desert – Behind Hotel Wahid in the pool (900,640). Alternatively wanders north of al-Merayah in the Scorched Flats, or stalks through Serket’s Domain (800,345).

City of the Sun God – Circles Vulture’s Pass, (405,765). Treks through Shi-Netjar west of the Black Pyramid (645,390), or clambers through Mamar El-Al-Hiram (745,865).

Besieged Farmlands – Haunts the Olaru Farm (955,925)(1175,820) or strolls through the scarecrows of Giant’s Table (750,1000).

Shadowy Forest – Found in the Filthy forest west of Mosul’s bridge, (455,575).

Carpathian Fangs – Wanders Raven’s Field and the adjacent areas (490,780) near the Pricoleşti anima well as well as closer to Pricoleşti itself (710,810).

Kaidan – Wanders a variety of locations. Southwest of Susanoo’s Diner (355,490), the merging roads north of Rum and Yuichi’s apartment (845,550), the area southeast of Zeroes Wild Pachinko (420,745), or at the Wall blocking the Housing Projects (730,405).

Killing Samsu Nasiru will award a Genizah of the Solar Metal and, if Gold Rating is achieved, a Gambler’s Marker. This mission has no cooldown.

The Gilded Rage
Please refer to this guide for boss tactics and mechanics.

The Merchant of Glitz

Every completion of the Gilded Rage mission will award a single Gambler’s Marker. This currency can be used to purchase a variety of items from a Merchant of Glitz, each of which can be found in London (155,150), New York (440,340), and Seoul (385,245).

  • The Golden Golem: 40 Gambler’s Markers
  • High Roller’s Valise: 2 Gambler’s Markers per Valise at a maximum of 2 Valise per day.
  • Glitzy Jinn: 80 Gambler’s Markers
  • Rhinestone jumpsuit, black: 20 Gambler’s Markers
  • Silk lounge outfit, black: 6 Gambler’s Markers. When purchased, it rewards both the Silk lounge robe, black and Silk lounge slacks, black.
  • Silk lounge outfit, purple: 6 Gambler’s Markers. When purchased, it rewards both the Silk lounge robe, purple and Silk lounge slacks, purple.

Pet Rewards

There are a number of golems rewarded during participation of the Golden Week and Gilded Rage events.

Shem of the Lunar Metal

While primarily a reward from the Genizah of the Lunar Metal, a mission reward for defeating Kapsu Nasiru in Fusang Projects during the Anniversary Event, the Shem of the Lunar Metal additionally drops from the Genizah of the Solar Metal rewarded for defeating Samsu Nasiru during the Gilded Rage event.


Shem of the Solar Metal

Assembled to complete the achievement Some Assembly Required. Collect the head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg of the Solar Metal from the Genizah of the Solar Metal and assemble them together to create the Shem of the Solar Metal.


The Golden Golem

An auspicious pet, The Golden Golem, is purchased from the Merchant of Glitz for 40 Gambler’s Markers.


Glitzy Jinn

A selfish spirit of smokeless greed, the Glitzy Jinn can be purchased from the Merchant of Glitz for 80 Gambler’s Markers.


Clothing Rewards

Genizah of the Solar Metal

The Genizah of the Solar Metal has a random chance to drop clothing items. If you already have the clothing, it will substitute a signet bag instead. These cosmetics go directly into the Dressing Room and cannot be traded.

Bow tie choker, gold


Fiery eyes, gold


Skull headphones, gold


Top hat, gold
This fine example of marvelous metallic millinery is given upon completion of the achievement Some Assembly Required.


Merchant of Glitz

Rhinestone jumpsuit, black


Silk lounge robe, purple


Silk lounge slacks, purple


Silk lounge robe, black


Silk lounge slacks, black


Defeat Rewards

Depending on the participation rating, The Gilded Rage awards both the Genizah of the Solar Metal and a Gambler’s Marker or just the Genizah of the Solar Metal.

The Gilded Rage – Gold

Defeating Samsu Nasiru with a Gold Rating rewards a Genizah of the Solar Metal and Gambler’s Marker.

Genizah of the Solar Metal

  • Third Core Capacitor
  • Supernal Diode
  • Astral Fuse
  • Criterion Upgrade
  • 5 Golden Flare Gun
  • Head of the Solar Metal
  • Torso of the Solar Metal
  • Right Arm of the Solar Metal
  • Left Arm of the Solar Metal
  • Right Leg of the Solar Metal
  • Left Leg of the Solar Metal
  • Solar Shard
  • Signet Reward Bag
  • Lunar Shard
  • Signet Reward Bag
  • Shem of the Lunar Metal
  • 2 Signet Reward Bag
  • Black Bullion
  • Bow tie choker, gold
  • Fiery eyes, gold
  • Skull headphones, gold

The Gilded Rage – Silver

A Silver participation rating will reward only the Genizah of the Solar Metal and lesser XP.

The Gilded Rage – Bronze

A Bronze participation rating will reward only the Genizah of the Solar Metal and lesser XP.

Gilded Discounts

Item Store

During the Golden Week and Gilded Rage event, certain goods within the Item Store are discounted by a very wide margin – 90%! When the event is not active, they cost an obscene amount of Funcom Points. After all, they are golden.

Style and Gilt

Style & Gilt – Monocle, gold frame


Style & Gilt – Two button tuxedo coat with notch lapel, gold

Picture coming soon!

Style & Gilt – Tuxedo shirt with bow tie, white with gold

Picture coming soon!

Style & Gilt – Pleated tuxedo pants, gold

Picture coming soon!

Style & Gilt – Tuxedo shoes, gold

Picture coming soon!

Extra Heavy Metal

The Extra Heavy Metal outfit is a golden recolor of the Heavy Metal outfit for males and Black Metal outfit for females. Pictures of this outfit will come soon.

Extra Heavy Metal – Choke collar, gold

Picture coming soon!

Extra Heavy Metal – Pentagram shirt, gold

Picture coming soon!

Extra Heavy Metal – Spiked gauntlets, gold

Picture coming soon!

Extra Heavy Metal – Brutal pants, gold

Picture coming soon!

Extra Heavy Metal – Brutal boots, gold

Picture coming soon!

Morph suit, gold

Move like a vessel of shimmy with the Morph suit, gold, discounted only during the event.


Gilded Unicorn

Gaze upon the majesty of the Gilded Unicorn! This unicorn has golden reins, hooves, and horn, and its mane, tail, and fur near its hooves glisten an ever-cycling rainbow.


Limited-Time Items

Special items are only available for purchase from the Item Store while the Golden Week and Gilded Rage events are active.

Gilded Geist Rider

The Gilded Geist Rider is only available during this event. This golden greed demon periodically expels yen from its skull.


High Roller’s Valise

The High Roller’s Valise is an Event Bag that will randomly reward two items from its loot table upon opening. It can be purchased either from the Item Store or the Merchant of Glitz. Two High Roller’s Valises may be purchased daily per character for 2 Gambler’s Markers each at the Merchant of Glitz in any Faction Hub. If a High Roller’s Valise was purchased from the Item Store, it will reward 1 Lucky Coin when opened.

Golden Bag of Lady Luck

Alongside the High Roller’s Valise is the Golden Bag of Lady Luck, which can only be purchased from the Item Store. The Golden Bag of Lady Luck rewards its goodies to a maximum of 20 nearby players. It shares the same loot as the High Roller’s Valise, but will reward 3 Lucky Coins when opened.

High Roller’s Valise/Golden Bag of Lady Luck

  • Debonair Jinn – See here.
  • To the Nines – Outfit
  • Emote: Make it Rain
  • The Pinup – Hotpants / Leotard – Adds the following to the dressing room when used for male and female characters respectively:
    • Hotpants with bunny tail, black
    • Leotard with bunny tail, black
  • The Pinup – Accessories – Adds the – Adds the following to the dressing room when used:
    • Bunny ear headband, black
    • Detached collar with bowtie, black
    • Detached cuffs, white
  • Silk lounge robe, gold
  • Silk lounge slacks, gold
  • Rhinestone jumpsuit, white
  • Velour sweatsuit with bling, burgundy – See here.
  • Silk lounge robes, faction colored
  • Silk lounge slacks, faction colored
  • Game of chance logo t-shirt, white 
  • King of Spades logo t-shirt, white
  • Tuxedo t-shirt, black
  • Tuxedo t-shirt, white
  • Lucky skull logo t-shirt, grey
  • Lucky skull logo t-shirt, red
  • Lucky skull logo t-shirt, white
  • Lucky snake eyes t-shirt, black
  • Lucky snake eyes t-shirt, white
  • Emote: Windmill
  • Emote: Million Dollar Smile
  • Blade of the Dawn mould – Blade
  • Full Metal Avarice mould Assault Rifle
  • Gilded Cannon mould – Shotgun
  • Gild and Rend mould – Fist
  • Gold Fever mould – Chaos Focus
  • Scaramanga Specials mould – Pistols
  • Talisman of Zosimos mould – Elementalism Focus
  • The Cupidity Smiter mould – Hammer
  • The Six Keys of Eudoxus mould – Blood Magic Focus
  • Animahattan Drink – A consumable drink that increases out of combat health regeneration rate.
  • Glitz Gun – This is just a sparkly flare.
  • Bling frame shades, gold – See here.
  • Slotted glasses, gold – See here.
  • Dollar sign chain, gold – See here.
  • Rhinestone bling visor cap, black – See here.
  • Title: Big Spender
  • Title: Cardsharp
  • Title: Flimflammer
  • Title: The Cooler


The Gilded Rage event brings with it unique achievements that can only be completed through items available during the event.

All That Glitters

Opening a Golden Bag of Lady Luck near at least 10 other players to earn All That Glitters, which rewards the emote /dance_rockabilly

Some Assembly Required

By collecting and assembling all six pieces of the Solar Metal and combining them, Some Assembly Required can be completed, awarding a top hat, gold and creating the Shem of the Solar Metal in the process. See our achievement guide for a more thorough explanation!
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