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Emma Smith

Posted by Chaosetor on October 31, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 4, 2016

Carpathian Fangs










Orochi Test Subject

Known Associates

Her Teddy


Emma Smith is a young girl who is known to have been involved with the Orochi group. While she was in the field along with her handlers, Winston and Julia Smith, she was a key part of the Orochi endeavours in the Carpathian Fangs area.

Prior to the Carpathian project, Emma resided in a Vali facility in London, known as Amity house. This facility conducted research on several children as part of a programme called Virgula Divina.

After having excelled at the tests the Orochi researchers exposed her to, Emma became the prime subject of the Virgula Divina research the group was conducting. As a result of this, Emma was placed in the care of the Smiths, and moved to Transylvania where she posed as the couple’s daughter as part of their cover.

When she arrived in the Carpathian Fangs, Emma was key in helping the Orochi break through while they were digging in the area known as the breach. It was during this excavation that Mara and her vampire army attacked. This forced the Smiths to flee the scene, and seek refuge in a nearby cabin.

At some point during Emma's stay in the Carpathian Fangs, she came in contact with Dragan Dzoavich, whom she appears to have befriended.

While they were held up in the cabin, a Phonecian agent named Lidya was holding the Smiths under surveillance under strict orders from Lilith. At some point after this, the Smiths all went missing, and Emma was once again in the wind.

Upon uncovering a facility hidden in the Carpathian Fangs known as the Nursery, a secretworlder and an agent from the Council of Venice stumbled upon Emma once again. She had been held in the Nursery, which is dedicated to the research on various supernatural aspects, the most important of which seem to be revolving around children. While in the Nursery, Emma was subject to the research of Dr. Schreber. When trying to wake Emma from her slumber, the secretworlder is betrayed by the council agent, who turns out to be Lilith.

Emma then awakes in Agartha, where she confronts Lilith. Emma states that her name is not Emma, but rather Anima and that she does not intend on coming with Lilith to Tokyo. Emma, now remembering her identity, manages to dispose of Lilith with ease by throwing her into Tokyo, alone. Emma remains in Agartha, where she is then confronted by a number of mysterious filth-like creatures. After attempting to dispose of them, she teleports to the main platform in Agartha, where she is finally reunited with her teddy.

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