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Posted by Chaosetor on November 3, 2014
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Orochi Chairwoman

Known Associates

Samael, Mara, Emma


Lilith is a being of immense power, and is likely an immortal. She also claims that she is the origin, or mother, of all monsters, though she herself sees them as her children rather than monsters. Though this has not been confirmed, both the werewolves and the Templars agree that she is the origin of the werewolf race, which also suggests that it is possible for her to be the mother of all monsters like she claims.

During the roman imperial age, Lilith came into contact with Octavian when he first arrived in Transylvania. He then claims Lilith somehow cursed him with immortality, suggesting that Lilith is not only a potential immortal herself, but also capable of making other, mortal, beings immortal without it affecting her own immortality.

Lilith then resurfaced while Vlad Dracula was alive, and hunting her children. Likely furious, she managed to turn Dracula's love, Mara, into a vampire. Mara then assumed the role of queen of the vampires, a title she took with her to her grave.

When Mara initiated the vampire crusades, it is likely that it was by order of Lilith, whom Mara saw as her mother and creator. Following Mara's assault on the breach, which forced Julia, Winston and Emma Smith to flee, Lilith tasked a Phonecian agent, Lidya, with keeping them under surveillance. At some point during this surveillance, they did, however, go missing.

Frustrated by this, Lilith went to look for Emma herself. She then managed to trick a secretworlder into helping her find Emma by disguising herself and posing as an agent from the Council of Venice. Upon finding Emma, Lilith revealed herself, along with the 17 names she uses.

Her plans to bring Emma with her to Tokyo are foiled when the aforementioned secretworlder manages to wake Emma, who then remembers that she is Anima. Anima then confronts Lilith, who seems to despise the idea of Anima choosing Gaia over her. Despite Lilith's immense power, Anima manages to throw her into Tokyo, alone.

After her return to Tokyo, Lilith was locked up in the Orochi Tower. Despite Samael trying to keep the secretworlder away from Lilith, who is revealed to also be his wife. the secretworlder eventually confronts Lilith. She admits that she has been heavily involved with the morninglight from the beginning, but that Philip Marquard has turned the cult against her and even tried to kill her. Lilith, having been distracted by John and the secretworlder is taken by surprise when the Nephilim arrive who use her secret eighteenth name to bind her. She is then incapacitated and taken away by the Nephilim.

Lilith went under the alias Lily Engel and served as the chairwoman of Orochi. This alias is also heavily involved in the Prometheus Initiative.

Memorable Quotes

I do not expect you to die. But there is something exquisitely humiliating in the agony of a hobbled immortal.

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