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Posted by Dots on February 2, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on February 2, 2017

Shadowy Forest


Romany Camp








Leader Drăculești

Known Associates

Emilia, Tibor, Luminita, Mihas, Cucuvea


Milosh is both a single father and leader of the Drăculești. He and his children, both biological and fostered, spend their days hunting monsters, training to hunt monsters, telling stories, and living the free life on the road of the Romany. He is a good man and committed to the fight against evil, but he's an overprotective fellow. Still, it's clear his people him and he loves them - regardless of where they hail from.


Would you believe that I have the blood of Vlad Dracula in my veins? Some would use that as an excuse to call me evil. Last time I checked, I had no fangs. Bram Stoker did none of us any favors. The hack. To not only make Dracula into what he feared and hated most, but to romanticize vampires? Stoker is responsible for Twilight. Think about that for a second. You are probably wondering why we speak English here, and not Romanian. We are from all over, not just Romania, not just Eastern Europe, but also the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas. I have led the Drăculești since I was seventeen years old. It's the only life I know - or care about. But this is my family, and these are the people I love. And I would not want to be or do anything else.

The Romany

Our sworn duty takes us to places you would not believe. Last spring, we found ourselves in mountainous Nepal, where a clan of vampires had created a nest of caves reaching deep into the sacred peaks. But we always come back here, because this is home, and this is also where our journey began - and where the evil we fight first emerged. The Drăculești may be made up of a dozen nationalities, and a hundred personalities, but we are one family, and we always stand together.

The secret world

We have always lived in the shadows of the outside world. Inside, what do you call it, "the secret world." Those secrets were long ago revealed to us, but that does not mean there are no mysteries left. Still - that does not concern us. The Drăculești do not deal with mystery, we deal with monsters. We will leave the mysteries to you and your people.

Memorable Quotes

Stoker is responsible for Twilight. Think about that for a second.

Although it is our most important task, there is more to this life than to hunt strigoi!

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